Stratis (STRAT) Coming Rally (393% Earnings Potential)

I've been looking at Stratis (STRAT) for the past few days now. Before sharing a coin for us to trade, I buy it and track its performance for several days or weeks, based on this performance and the signals coming from the charts, I will later decide if it is a good idea to share the altcoin in question for a trade with my supporters, followers and fellow cryptocurrency traders / easy money makers.

Now, let's take a look at the details and position ourselves to start trading this coin. A very famous one by the way, and a favorite for many.

Stratis (STRAT) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


We start with the daily chart: 

- Notice the SMA lines crossing each other. Green (SMA20) crosses upward the blue (SMA50) line. This is a bullish signal.
- Downtrend broken. Going sideways with tendencies of turning bullish .
- We have a reversal candle on the 22nd April.
- Long period of accumulation spotted with the MACD indicator.
- The MACD is Trending upward and showing Positive Divergence as well.
- The RSI has been reaching higher highs and doing higher lows since bouncing from the oversold line.
- The OBV and STOCH are looking positive.
- On the weekly time frame, all the indicators are showing plenty of room for growth for Stratis (STRAT) as soon as it takes off. The last three weeks have been positive and reflecting a period of accumulation. STRAT is definitely getting ready for action, better to buy in before it starts.


Buy-in: 0.00060 - 0.00072



(1) 0.000840
(2) 0.000900
(3) 0.000984


(1) 0.00117
(2) 0.00136
(3) 0.00161


(1) 0.00207
(2) 0.00306
(3) 0.00377
(4) 0.00468 (All time high)
(5) 0.00728

Trade strategy: Stratis is part of the top 40 altcoins by market cap. You can feel comfortable holding this coin, it has huge potential and it can be profitable in the short, mid and long term. Aim for profits by selling on target.

Message: It Is Important To Know What You Want

Let's say you are struggling to acquire what you want.
You've been working hard and harder, but things don't come to pass.

You know you want abundance, happiness, security, money and love.
But you still don't have a plan set, you haven't really thought about your goals.

Sit down and relax, breath deeply, pray / meditate.
Ask yourself about your present, see your past and future as well.
Think closely on the things you like and what is it, really, that you want for yourself.

Imagine this is a "homework", what is that you want?

Is it really money? Or is it abundance?
It is security, tranquility or health?

Some people would see money as the freedom to travel wherever they want.
Some other see it as a tool, that can get you what you ask.

So if the feeling you want to acquire is freedom, and you've been asking for money all along.
You have to see yourself as free, rather than money rich, so that you can manifest what you really want.

It is important to know what you want.

So that you can seal this image in your mind, and tell yourself, this is my true goal.

評論: We started good with STRAT, we are already moving; in the positive.

Please allow time for this trade to develop.
交易進行: You can use the drop in price as a buy in opportunity. Feel free to buy in, re-buy and reload.
評論: STRAT is consolidating, I am seeing a bearish signal on the 4 hours chart but the longer term, 1D+, charts are looking good.

Looks like next week might be slow for STRAT we will see. I will keep you updated.

If that is the case, we simply hold patiently.
評論: We are now moving with Stratis (STRAT).

We are likely to find resistance at the yellow line (0.000807)
交易進行: Stratis (STRAT) Targets:


(1) 0.000840 * Target reached @ 8150 on 29- April *
(2) 0.000900 * Next target *
(3) 0.000984


(1) 0.00117
(2) 0.00136
(3) 0.00161


(1) 0.00207
(2) 0.00306
(3) 0.00377
(4) 0.00468 (All time high)
(5) 0.00728
評論: We now fully hit our first target. And we are looking positive. Plenty of more room left for growth.

評論: We are in great profits here, this is a very easy hold.
交易進行: We are in the positive here. No update needed, this is an easy wait...

We are getting closer to the action.
We are getting closer to the fun.

Here is the chart:
We move on.
評論: Stratis (STRAT) has a chart that looks very similar to TRON and both are moving up strong.

Stratis is now trading safely above all the MA lines on the 4 hours chart:
This is a bullish signal.
評論: Stratis (STRAT) upcoming events:

- Smart Contracts Alpha + Blockchain Meeting (16 May - Today). Smart Contracts Alpha release, allowing developers to write smart contracts in C#.

- Full Node Mainnet Beta (30 June).

- Breeze Privacy Protocol (30 June).

- Sidechains Alpha Relsea (30 June).
評論: Hold patiently here until the market correction is over... It should only last a few days.
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Master Alan, stratis ico platform to launch in less than a day’s time. Possible some tips on profit points should this moon?
+3 回覆
alanmasters JericTay
@JericTay, Follow our targets.
robertloog JericTay
@JericTay, Stratis is going down
Bought at 69 when I first read your TA and sold at 86 now.
It was the second successful trade after your BTG idea (previous week).
I follow many authors but you are the best in TradingView.
Thank you!

+3 回覆
@isidat, I am incredibly happy to hear that and I appreciate your comment.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to share it with us.

+2 回覆
STRAT is going to reach 1st Short Target, Master!
+3 回覆
alanmasters Truongmanhtien
@Truongmanhtien, We still have a long way to go.
+2 回覆
What is your timeline for mid and long term ?
2-3 months shouldnt be hard to reach around 0.00250 level which for big resistance.
+3 回覆
alanmasters hasanozturk1
@hasanozturk, 1-3 months for short and mid term.
hasanozturk1 alanmasters
@alanmasters, Thanks for reply but i do think that STRAT will be around 0.00250 sats in 3 months, what is your opinion for long term en of year in USD :) ?
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