Salt (SALT) Going Bullish (300% Earnings Potential)

Salt (SALT) is going bullish after breaking a four months long downtrend. I remember earning big profits with SALT, the action is already starting, this time around, we really want some more.

Let's look at the charts and details to trade this coin.

Salt (SALT) Trade by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.00038 - 0.00046



(1) 0.000518
(2) 0.000606
(3) 0.000668
(4) 0.000736
(5) 0.000818
(6) 0.000949


(1) 0.001006
(2) 0.001208 (All time high)
(3) 0.001792

Stop-loss: 0.00028

Trailing stop loss: Will be shared when we start to hit our targets.


On the daily chart: 

- Downtrend broken. New uptrend being formed.
- Positive Divergence on the MACD plus plenty of room left available for growth.
- RSI , STOCH and OBV are all in the bullish zone.
- Low volume allows for plenty of growth. Available both on Binance and Bittrex and some other cryptocurrency exchanges.

On the weekly chart:
- Notice the last 7 candles from right to left. The last one, which has a #9 on top of it, thanks to my TD Sequential indicator, is when the bottom was reached for SALT, 18th March. Notice how after this candle the price never went lower, and we had 3 more weeks where we closed above the 0.00028 price level (very strong support). After an entire month of consolidation, you can see SALT moving up based on the last 3 candles.
- The last two weeks, with #1 and #2 on top of the candles, are looking very bullish while at the same time we broke out completely.
- SALT is ready for action. Let's make some easy money here, by simply buying, waiting and later selling for profits... Namaste.

Message: The Future Is Now (29-Dec-2017)

Today I went to the future, to see what it was like.
It was blue, it was green, no… It was LIGHT.

I loved the future but in the end, I always come back.
Why is it that if we all want to be in the future, we always live in the present and can’t help but to think about the past?

Forget about the future, the future is the present because with the present we create.
So if you want to have a beautiful ... a rich future...

Start living it today!


Apr 24
評論: This chart looks really bullish:
Apr 25
評論: This situation is pretty simple.

You can simply hold and follow the trade instructions.

If we hit our stop loss, you have the option to sell and close the trade, or wait until go back up.

No need to panic nor anything, we just need to simply wait.

Thanks for your continued support.
Apr 28
評論: We managed to close everyday within our ascending channel. Looks like SALT is getting ready for a move.

Apr 29
評論: We are moving up and aiming for our first target, it is pretty close right now:
May 04
評論: SALT is crashing. The blue, green and magenta lines are support levels on the chart below. You can sell and buy back lower, or you can simply hold (just wait it out until it goes back up):
May 15
交易進行: We are within our buy in range. And SALT is moving positive right now.

Feel free to buy in, rebuy and reload.
Jun 09
評論: SALT is looking for a new low.

If we hit bottom, it is a good time to open a new position.

I will be posting an updated trade for SALT.

Huge bullish divergence on the MACD + several upcoming events.

Here is the chart:
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update salt, pls
alanmasters thinhnguyen261
@thinhnguyen261, It is getting ready. Bounced from bottom, will move soon.
and what exactly is bottom?
alanmasters cordiallyalan
@cordiallyalan, 20,000 sats.

Katenk alanmasters
Any update on this @alanmasters ? ;)
+1 回覆
It´s time to re-entry?
rkothwala Paraguassu
@Paraguassu, Yes, check updated weekly chart.
@alanmasters It reached bottom level. Can we enter again?
Lol, just bought it and after 1 minute it dumped like shit
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