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a potential bear cypher advanced formation is setting up. Double check the B-point with your broker. It's close can exceed the 0.618XA. If it does then the pattern is invalid for you.
交易進行: entered @1.06375
This pattern was found by the MPS-v5.5 pattern recognition software:

My YouTube channel:
you proved on youtube that these patterns work but your tradingview account shows that you have more than 45% trades that reach your stop loss rather than targets. For the last month at least I see your updates like this: trade active and then trade cancelled (stop loss hit). There is more of them than 45% and the risk to reward ratio just sucks especially if you enter a bit to early ...
1) I don't post all my trades on TV. Just few examples. I decide what to post randomly, mostly based on my free time. It is simply a matter of luck if a posted idea wins or loses.

2) Only when the idea is marked "stoploss reached" it means a loss. "Order cancelled" mark means that the pattern was invalidated and no trade was taken. To stay objective you need to calculate "stoploss reached" vs "target reached"

3) One moth of ideas is not enough to judge about the approach. To have reliable statistics one needs to check 100 ideas per timeframe per pair. I mostly post 30M, 60m and 240M timeframes on 20 pairs. One needs to check 3*20*100 = 6000 ideas. Anything below this number is a random deviation.

4) On my YouTube channel I show my market research and do real-time trading using pattern identification, my own unique trade execution and trade management strategies. On TradingView I mostly post the identification part. The ideas on TradingView lack 2 of 3 parts of the approach.

5) Levels on the chart are conventional levels for aggressive limit trading. Conventional means traditional, most popular. This doesn't mean that I myself trade based on these levels. YouTube videos explain it in details.

Hope, it makes sense.
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I have a short recommendation on it as well
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