Patient! Be patient! (Short AUDUSD)

FX:AUDUSD   澳幣 / 美元
Hey guys,
i've been waiting for this setup to complete for two weeks now, and finally price has reached the level that i was waiting for, and in addition to that, it also gave us some nice shorting signal.
First, the yellow box represents a daily level of structure, this is a key factor in my strategy and it allows me to find reversal trades in smaller timeframes such as 4hr and 1hr; in this case in the 4hr you can see we're in overbought RSI condition, we're facing a strong psychological number along with some fibonacci ratios and we've put an engulfing candle that tells us bears could change the current 4hr trend.
In the overall picture in fact, we are in a downtrend, and that's why i think the second target could go very low, depending on the future market condition. As of now, i'm waiting for a pullback in order to short, with stops above the highs, target1 at roughly 1-1,25:1 RR, target2 to be determined.

If you have any questions or ideas to share, feel free to comment below.
Otherwise, see you in the next chart!
評論: Here's my reason for entry, targets and stops are different from usual patterns, but with my overall idea i think it can offers us a good level to short.
交易結束:目標達成: First target hit! Stops to breakeven:
Se sei d'accordo, lascia un mi piace! Grazie
Canale Italiano:
Ultimo video:

If you agree, like this chart! Thanks
My last (english) videoanalysis here:
Hi Roker,

I went to take a look at AUDUSD because of this idea of yours, my daily view lines up with this. Could you tell me how you posted that image of that bat pattern without creating a new trading idea? I have never been able to do that I'd also like to share my hourly view. Cheers!

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Roker1 dinnersticks
@dinnersticks, just take a snapshot (left down corner) and copypaste the link. Thanks for sharing!
@Roker1, Awesome cheers
Roker1 dinnersticks
@dinnersticks, thanks!
Looks like the retest is here!
+2 回覆
Roker1 NateTheGreat7
@NateTheGreat7, here it comes!
@Roker1, Yes, indeed! Where did you place your entry? I placed mine at 0.7495
+1 回覆
Roker1 NateTheGreat7
@NateTheGreat7, D completion, 0,7508
@Roker1, Do we now have an asymmetric double top situation for AUD/USD?
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Roker1 Glendooie
@Glendooie, near to a double top, you're right!
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