BINANCE:BATBTC   Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin

Ascending triangle breakout.

Important restistance neckline breakout. Look for ultimate breakout above 5900 Sats ; could happen today/tomorrow pending Bitcoin price action and support needed.

Above the bearish cloud headed above the green cloud. Important to note that there is not enough history on Binance to calculate the 20,30,60,120 24 hour Ichi input format.

RSI is overbought, so there will be some pullbacks, but when is the question? Not much resistance on the daily between 5500 and 5891 Sats

Please DYOR and trade at your own risk tolerance. If bitcoin breaks support BATBTC price will fall most likely as well and you would need to hodl tight; always set a stop loss/limit based on your risk tolerance, volume of the pair, and with being shaken out in mind.

Please throw me a follow if this helped you at all or you agree with my Analysis. Thanks and Appreciate You Much!!!
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