Is this the right time to go long in BCC???

BITTREX:BCCBTC   Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin
I've been waiting for very long time to make some money in this pair and hopefully the right time has come. BCC is trying to move out of the accumulation phase with a breakout from the wedge .Though the 1hr candle closed above the wedge ,let us wait for the confirmation from 4hr candle. Volume is increasing and RSI is also pointing up.
BCC has strong support @0.091.Red lines are the targets.Secure your profits at those levels.
Pay attention only to the thick lines.Ignore the thin ones as I have drawn them for swing trading purpose.I'm not sure whether BCC can perform like the previous uptrend cycles but I believe it has reached the bottom and it is time to make some money.

交易進行: Retested the trendline and bounced back
評論: Has to pullback slightly before the next uprun..sell and rebuy low
交易進行: Reached Target 1
評論: Rebuy @0.117-0.128
評論: Broke the major resistance @0.153.
0.148 served as strong support.
Buy now.Next bull run has begun.
Sounds pretty Bullish considering BCC will follow BTC, which has a whole whopping toe in the door that exits this brutal downtrend. Hopefully within a couple weeks cryptos escape this quicksand! If you're in, good luck, I'm waiting for a couple days solidly outside the down trend or a lower bottom that at the very least catches a good bounce.
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