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Hi All!

Today we long BCH ( Bitcoin Cash             ). Bitcoin             Core devs are like dinosaurs. 3 years cannot implement blocksize increase. Segwit is nice, but it is centralisation and has not solved mempool problems. Stick with Jihan on this. Core hates that Wu             is utilising ASIC             BOOST. Well, is that really reason to split Bitcoin             and not allow blocksize increase? Who is the bad guy here? I reckon Bitcoin             prevails, with Bitcoin Cash             being it's fierce competitor rooted in Asia and also Russia.

Long story short:

Entry: 0.12
Target 1: 0.15
Target 2: 0.22
Stop-Loss: 0.09 (would mean capitulation)

Projected trajectory:
.111 -> .155 -> .133 -> .222

Happy trading! ;)
交易進行: While the rest of the crypto is FULL RED, Bitcoin Cash is the lone survivor in green numbers, happily igniting engines to go on MISSION.

Happy trading! ;)

評論: Expect large upward movements on Sept 10th, during Bitkan event, Bitcoin Cash will be mentioned a lot, url:

Today we got the little spark just half an hour ago from Coinplug, url:

Critical Review by Sheri: ,,BitcoinCash retains Satoshi's true code and is more secure while Bitcoin is now SegwitCoin where transactions can be violated and bitcoins lost without a trace. I know which one of Satoshi's chains I'd rather use. Please listen to the researchers and physicists before writing rubbish. Clearly this is a politically aimed review in the guise of real news. Clear evidence of gross bias and desperate journalism combined. BitcoinCash is being adopted with speed and only days old, the fluctuations in price are no different to bitcoin which was only $700 in February 2017. If you understood anything about cryptocurrency you would understand this is a time to buy BitcoinCash and sell your bitcoins. Buy low sell high is the trend in crypto ;)"

BCH, while being controversial, will find it's place and today's resilience against big crypto bear confirms we are in for good gains in the upcoming weeks.

Happy trading! ;)
交易結束:目標達成: Hi All!

We are deliberately taking profits here today.
Profits are small from the last trade open, yet we are lucky to say it's profits.
Today the whole crypto went down, the biggest China crypto event BITKAN has been CANCELLED.

China orders LOCAL China ICOs to liquidate. But China Bloomberg spreads FUD

Let's follow TA and close our position on Bitcoin Cash. Expect a lot of cash inflow from ICOs and new investors into old currencies.

There is ONE which I recommend to invest in today. It is called ZCash. The most advanced and most undervalued anon coin which has not been pumped yet. They will finish implementation in Q3/Q4 of 2017. Target 5-10x.

Happy trading! ;)

PM for group.
bch actually has nothing to do with that ico news..
obviously the market overreacted a bit, the correction was due anyway - imo

bch doesnt look too bad
MarcelV blushta
@blushta, I agree with You, Bro. I'm not short. But my trade is over here for now because my trendline broke. It's possible I will hop on again soon.
How come you didn't put gann at the true start of the rally?? at 0.067?
MarcelV robdragan
@robdragan, I usually do and originally I misplaced it where you say, 0.067. One of the members in Goblin Town corrected me. How he places Ganns is true magic, you might know him.
Good chart by @zippy1day
I cannot understand how you can be a fan of BCC and defend chinese mining cartels, who currently attacking/spamming the btc network, causing those mempool issues. The only reason to buy BCH is the pump and dump and make money, thats the only reason for what this shitcoin is good for.
+4 回覆
Sabibaby btcfreak
@btcfreak, low fees and speed help but I feel bad for all the folks who were tricked into dumping it so early on.
btcfreak Sabibaby

and I feel bad for the bagholders that bought @0.24
Sabibaby btcfreak
@btcfreak, That would be terrible timing but most people got it for free!
It also just climbed just now from 530 to 575 real quick . Should we buy now ?
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