Why possible breakout soon?

BITSTAMP:BCHUSD   比特幣現金 / 美元
-gdax will resume bitcoincash trade for EU costumers.
- Market short term sentiment is turning bullish again (slowly)

- Long period of consolidation inside the channel (2200;2700)
- 1 breakout, but Korea fake news killed the momentum.
Any contribution will be welcome!

交易進行: critical level right now
交易進行: Chine news:
評論: another lag of correction in the market.
Funny the French FUD came within 12 hours after GDAX announced the trading resumption of BCH..i feel like the attacks were directed more to bch than btc
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Thanks for the update...

I think we will hold,tomorrow gdax trading resumes,then we will be good
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Zielinsky retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, history will be repeated. best to leave some money aside to find the best time to get in.
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Very glad you recognized that Korea FUD came out right when Bitcoin Cash was breaking out. Personally I don't think that was a coincidence. Thanks for sharing I hope this plays out.
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Bit_Noob prep16505
@prep16505, I agree. SO many people on here ignoring that there were outside events triggering that sell off. Regular technical analysis cannot be used in those circumstances. It's helpful, but would be ignorant to disregard real market influences.
Zielinsky prep16505
@prep16505, yeah the sell off was triggered by Korea and yeah let's hope this plays out :)
in the past transaction volume on https://fork.lol/tx/txs has preceded price spike. We will see if this time follows previous?
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Fail due to Roger Ver has spent all his bitcoins ;-)
Zielinsky elesdyzer
@elesdyzer, nah more likely the Korea Minester had some side money to invest and created that FUD hahahah
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