A NEW ARA OF BCH COMING TO LIFE - 400 resistance broken!

BITFINEX:BCHUSD   比特幣現金 / 美元
After slowly ascending BCH just broke the strong 400 resistance in a second attempt.
BCH is the winner of the day and reading the vibes of the community and current news on BCH we could face another strong ara of BCH.
On a weak trading day like saturday there was still a pretty recognizable uptrend that I currently don´t see stoping soon and BCH left all other majors behind!

Here is why indicator wise:
DMI shows clear bull strength
Ichimuko: Currently from 1m to 4h chart price always above the baseline and cloud!
(I currently only take clear ichi trades and lately not a single one of the signals failed)

The next stronger resistance is about 450 level. Enough air to get in and go long now.
I expect even 450 to be broken after a retracement. Remember BCH went up to over 800 in late august, another bigger move could be rising now.

Still this is crypto so follow closely:
Stop loss: trend following with I on ichi

My recommendation:
Follow Ichi signals closely for trend reversal, take profit, when 15/30min chart crosses the baseline significantly and other indicators confirm bearish reversal.

Your likes are welcome, good luck with all of your trades!

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