BCH - Eyes set on #1- Asiff Hirji Should be Fired "Conbase"

BITFINEX:BCHUSD   比特幣現金 / 美元
Talk about Christmas surprises! Now any of you that have followed me I have been touting BCH' as a buy since $300. After all it is the real McCoy, at least in my opinion and the opinion of several code writers from the show. Now I know I will get the "scam coin" comments for sure, but its not what I think, my buddies think, or what you think, ITS WHAT THE MARKET THINKS! 1000% later we are still getting doubters.

But this transition did not go without flaws. Coinbase should be a shame of themselves especially after being on CNBC over and over last week touting how professional they are and want to be the NASDAQ of cryptos. Message: In my humble opinioin "YOUR NOT! AND THIS WAS UNACCEPTABLE AND DOWNRIGHT CRIMINAL. In any regulated environment the SEC' would be at the door this morning! They lacked professionalism, preparedness, and were criminal using the market to profit from their foreknowledge (in my opinion). There needs to be an investigation period! This hurts the space as a whole; we expect it from others not from you!

How the release should have been done.
1) The announcment should have been done on CNBC and several other news agency AHEAD OF TIME!
2) The first day or so there should have been NO TRADING with wallets only to be used for access into not out of!
3) The first day of trading should be monitored with circuits ready
4) Be prepared to act not react!

Someone should be fired and that someone is the COO Asiff Hirji!

BCH' has been crushing the market since $300. Today I look forward to listening to Roger Ver in his interview with CNBC and I hope he read my last article.

You may think Bitcoin' Cash is a scam coin, but the market is the judge in the long run. They have slowly locked in #3 in market cap and by next year this time could be challenging Bitcoin' for #1. Sounds silly? So did bitcoin' last year with a $4500 target level. How did that work out for the doubters? I was one, but you adapt or perish.

Roger has his eyes not set on #1, not the #1 alt coin, the #1 coin PERIOD. He is passionate about the space, and passionate about BCH'. This differs in style from Charlie who tweeted litecoin' was overpriced and be careful buying here. Why Roger has his eyes set on the throne, Charlie is downgrading the price of his coin. Who do you want running your company? I dumped my litecoin' last night and bought DASH' QTUM' NEO' and ADA' . I want winners and players that have their eyes on being the best and are passionate about the game. Charlie is a follower and not a leader. His twitter account says it all. I am long term and as coins are added to Coinbase LTC’ will become irrelevant at this pace.

BCH' has great momentum and has reached a new ATH'. Why did I add last night? Well my auto sell order went in, I went to buy back the dip, and because of the cluster I bought twice! Thanks Bittrex, hopefully NASDAQ buys you guys out!

Bottom Line: A full investigation into coinbase should be done by a third party. Any employee of coinbase that leaked information or bought as an insider should be hung in public. COO Asiff Hirji should be FIRED immediately. There is no excuse for this and unless heads roll you will not have the faith of the market. With the NASDAQ, and others looking to enter, you better tighten it up!

Sold: LTC

@goldbug1 look at these correction pattern , they are so similar to the last time.
Any updates on this @goldbug1 . Pattern is falling short of the wave count markers. Is this a bearish signal?
Litecoin has segwit, Bitcoin cash does not.
Litecoin processing block is 2.5 minutes, Bitcoin cash is dynamic (it is slower on av)
Litecoin has cheaper TX
Litecoin had a fair start while bcash did not.
Litecoin is smart contract compatible, bcash is not
Litecoin is atomic swapping compatible, bcash is not
Overall Litecoins technology is more advanced.
Litecoin is decentralised, bcash is very centralised.

if roger wanted to actually improve bitcoin he would have invested and promoted litecoin. but he is there god the greed. he wants everything to himself.
he is an asshole who wants to spoil it forever one.
just my opinion .
thefurleyghost SaeidKarimzadeh
@SaeidKarimzadeh, all this is wrong my friend. Literally each point favors BCH. No interest in explaining here but for any readers, do your own research. The hate and fear is still strong but BCH may be the opportunity of a lifetime. Dont let it pass.
Thank you!
I 110% agree about Charlie and have been saying it since the 1st time I heard him open his mouth. LTC could easily be 3-4X what it's current value with, IF NOT FOR HIM. I believe there's something truly wrong with him psychologically. Anyhow, great outlook on LTC. The BCH I called from b4 the fork and wish I had followed my plan. I think I should just shut my Twitter down instead of being swayed by the Coin Cult.
Hi goldbug1, i have one question because I'm a bit confused.
What's the true realation between BTC and BCH(BCC). Few days ago when we all saw first signs of correction on BTC, money flew from BTC to BCH and that caused new ATH on BCH. Now, when correction is much stronger BCH is following BTC. Is there any pattern here? Seems like there is non.

Or maybe new ATH on BCH was caused by news and it was just a coincidence that correction on BTC happended at that time?

Thanks for answer and Merry Christmas! :)
@Pit81, Watch BCH / BTC graphs to get the full picture
any updates?
It appeares the price was front run by coinbase employees. How else do you explain the price dumping to lower than it was pre coinbase announcement?
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