KRAKEN:BCHUSD   比特幣現金 / 美元
23297 82
BCHUSD perfrom new bullish flag pattern, we have buy level at 1460.4 and aim for target at 2352.8
if this coin drop, buyback at 1167.9

Good luck
交易進行: previous analysis :
Video analysis :

Our head office suffered severe damage from the earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi Indonesia.
832 died and thousand injured in this disaster.
Looks like your pin pointed the top. On or about the 20th or 21st
Plz any commenting or updating
should we still hold on to BCH?
axdimensions girlpuyat07
@girlpuyat07, I've been holding since $1400 levels. Let's see what market unfolds for BCH fans after BTC rally comes to an end!
Dian has a cristal ball. Thanks Dian!
Thank you!
Please keep posting analysis, thanks!
It touched 1167, bought back at 1182. Looks like it bounced...fingers on trigger ;-)
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