Bcash always be Bcash... Used to side qith Bcash for 3Months, Yet Bcash proves its not more then just a copy of Bitcoin. If not Bcash will not follow Bitcoin drop off this 3 days, beside the Korea FUD news
LionelSen xenn666xl
@xenn666xl, please stay on twitter with those useless comments. Tradingview is not about your little childish btc/bch war, it's about spotting trend and increase you trading skills. Here no one gives a fuck about which BTC is the real one, it's about TRADING them.

If you have anything to comment, provide a better trade setup to prove you point, not just a retarded ''muh real bitcoine'' ''bcash is baaaaad''. I see you kids everywhere on twitter complaining like bitches about bch, stay there you have absolutely no business on TradingView.

Go complain on a Samsung stock chart that Google is making better gains, everyone will tell you to STFU.
LionelSen LionelSen
@LionelSen, sorry my comment was harsh, I souldn't have been so disrespectful.
Why such a drop?
sha_rap212 mike21ap
@mike21ap, Swing Digital Money
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