Big Flag Pattern

Big because it takes eleven months for take shape of a flag and breakout the resistance line, and the resistance line was broken from a weekly chart perspective for avoid false breakouts or whipsaws now I need to wait for some pullback or consolidation around 10.80 and 10.40 approximately
By the way look the small gap five weeks ago and the price is showing that the bulls are in control combined with a strong financial sector with a rising interest rates and you have one more stock for the portfolio trading at cheaper price.
In my past idea I shared a stock with a low Avg . Volume but this is not the case for this company because the Shares Outstanding are 4,261.11 Mil and the Avg . Volume 2,835,728 this means this is a very liquid stock with a favorable spread
I cant not predict how will the price behave when arrive at the 14.00 area If arrives
because there is no math to get you out of having to experience uncertainty.
Patience, humility and weekly charts :(
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