#BinanceCoin #BNB #BTC #Ichimoku #BTFD - Approaching Opportunity

BINANCE:BNBBTC   Binance Coin / Bitcoin
BNB has outperformed my expectations over the past few months. I sold quite a bit on a run up, only see BNB continue to fly. Considering Binance as an exchange and the structure of the token itself, I'm considering BNB as a longer term hold. I have been waiting for a good entry and one started to develop yesterday.

Will keep an eye on price action and look to place first buy orders at the bottom of the ichi cloud (~0.00145). From there, assuming we in fact get there, I will make decisions regarding next buy levels. Always good to have some orders much lower to catch the wicks.

In summary, there's an Ichimoku edge-to-edge play active right now on BNB/BTC (4 hour time-frame). I will prepare for entry into BNB on the assumption the set up will play out as indicated. That starts, for me, with a limit buy set at 0.00145

Not financial advice. Good luck all.
交易進行: Pretty strong support at the current level. I expect it to break. BTC ready for that moment. Don't thin BNB is going to hover at the current level and test support a dozen times. Expect to see this thing drop. Bearish short-term. Bullish long-term. Looking to buy BNB when it goes on sale.
交易進行: Target reached. Looking to pick up BNB for a long position. Will add some in this area, but probably 25% of desired position. Awaiting confirmation we won't see BNB go lower. Keeping an eye on RSI, RVGI, Stoch.

評論: Well, looking a the 6 hour, this dip might not be done. I will add 5-10% of desired position here. Looks like we may see an edge-toedge completed on the 6 hour.

Buy target 2: 0.001385

Check it out below:
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