BNB Ascending Triangle Fantasic Setup BNBBTC Binance Coin

BINANCE:BNBUSDT   Binance Coin / TetherUS
I typically try to let my Charts speak for themselves:

BNBUSDT Binance Token

Ascending Triangle , Breakout Price $14.25, Targets and Stop loss on Chart.

Remember pay close attention to Bitcoin's charts in tandem. Volume on breakout is a must for this one to manifest. Set those stop losses and measure your risk to reward ratio. Make sure you are comfortable with the potential losses in case the breakout does not manifest. Trade at your own tolerance levels.

With that said, THIS IS A FANTASIC SET UP. PLEASE LIKE AND FOLLOW if this chart helped you out, so I can reach more people and hopefully help them.

Apr 23
評論: Breakout confirmed at this point IMHO, pending BItcoin doesn't dump (which does not look likely based on TA). If you're getting this message.....pull up your drawers, wipe your a** and buy some BNB
Apr 24
評論: Trading at $15.35 headed towards initial target, be prepared for a small consolidation prior to reaching initial target and then second target.


Just an update for my followers: we are currently piercing the ascending triangle resistance. Prepare for large gains if we can identify support on as little as 15 minute bars.
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