Bread (BRD) Short 110%+ Profits Potential (Binance)

BINANCE:BRDBTC   Bread / Bitcoin
Bread ( BRD ), a Cryptocurrency available for trading on Binance, had a huge breakout yesterday.

After a huge correction when the price went down over 100%, BRD touched bottom and bounced back strong. After this bounce we had a breakout yesterday and the charts look good for some action. Let's look at the details:

Buy-in: 0.000128 - 0.000149


(1) 0.000161
(2) 0.000180 (Aim for this target)

Longer term targets:
(3) 0.000191
(4) 0.000210 (All time high)
(5) 0.000271 (New all time high)
(6) 0.000381

These targets are for reference only.

Stop-loss: 0.000112

After bouncing from a bottom and going sideways for a few days, BRD had a breakout. This breakout puts us on a new path. Look at the green line on the chart below (2h chart):
This is a young chart, so we don't have long term data, that's why this trade is focused for the short term.
After reaching a top the price normally retraces. After retracing a support is normally found where buyers can accumulate until the next run starts. BRD is now on the accumulation period preparing for the next run. So let's jump in... let's join.
On the 4h chart, the MACD , RSI and STOCH are all on the bullish zone. There is also plenty of room available for growth.
This is a trade that can develop quickly... Here, take a look at the entire picture:

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交易進行: Bread (BRD) Targets:

(1) 0.000161 * Target reached on 26-Jan-18 *
(2) 0.000180 * Next target *

Longer term targets:

(3) 0.000191
(4) 0.000210
(5) 0.000271
(6) 0.000381
交易進行: We are in positive waters. Normal behavior on the charts.

We keep on moving up strong. This is a strong coin, so please allow time for this trade to develop.

Here is the 2h chart:

Thank you for your support.
See you soon...
交易結束:達到停損點: We reached our first target but then went back down.

Depending on how you traded this, this was either a positive or a negative... I am closing this trade.

I can revisit this coin in the future, and post a new trade. For now, we hit our stop loss and this trade is closed.

Thanks for following me.
Thank you for your continued support.

評論: We are trading BRDBTC, bottomed out, for massive profits again:

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no new posts?
? update
Alan, you've made a lot of people suffer. You charged me 0.06btc but your trade ideas going down the drain everyday. May karma hit you hard..
will you add new comment to BRD Trade. It hit stop-loss.
Some good news from the US on Cryptocurrency validity and technology potential.
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FA: Bread ( BRD -8.85% ) is the gem on the Binance Exchange. It is in the industry since 2014 as a no.2 BTC -6.78% wallet.

BRD -8.85% was recent ICO -12.50% that was launched to aim develop their wallet which has already more than 1 million users.

All they need now is turn the switch and connect more tokens to their wallets. It is the most secured wallet after coinbase wallet. They have Charlie Lee on the advisory board.

Currently it has market cap that has just 150 million in market capital.

Their roadmap seems very bullish and they are trying to built paypal type payment system for crypto mainstream in USA and world over.

Great ICO -12.50% with a running utility and wallet !

Very Bullish and all in - Target 1 : $10

Checkout their website for their roadmap.
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BRD is a pure coinbase app killer !!!!! Any big exchange will potentially partner with this guys... Remember they don't hold your Bitcoin like coinbase... It is decentralized wallet , hence absolutely free from regulations like KYC, AML ....They have 1 million + downloads on App store..

Do little research before investing on other speculative altcoins ! Its better to research than lose our valuable capital !!!
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tercüme ettirirsin. sen tam bir götsün. pazar artarken burdasn en ihtiyaç olduu zamanda keyif yapyorsun.
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beykentcoin cenkkutluay
@cenkkutluay, aynen nerde bu skk
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