BTC Bicoin, bears eats beets, battlestar galaktika

Hey all.

Let us see, what is happening at this moment.
This bearish season is unbelievably long. Charlie Lee said "we will aproach multiyear bear market". But Charlie, despite he is a genius, he is also very dramatic person. So NO, I don't beleive, that we will face that.
Crypto market is very fast, very emotional, so many great project, technologies jet to be used in real life..

About my chart.

We see major support lines, which bitcoin tested several times.
We see which support became important resistance, and..
We see how downtrend channel is formated

So, what we need? Buy orders? Some FOMo-ing? Or just time? Time is many times most powerful cure for a market. If Bitcoin holds that supports, shown on chart over the time needed to break that super important channel, then we will ride some bulls, and bears will eat beets, because their winter is coming!

評論: BTC touched downtrend channel resistance. Lets see, if he can brake it.. Then we go, as planned - up. :) Few crucial days left...
war, war.. eternal war :) let us see, what will be.
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