Memory fish how to make you failed? Tips for you

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Memory fish how to make you failed? Tips for you "VIP"

Forgetting grace but here in the market is a way to fail how it? Read to know

The market is often deceptive!!

With time passing and price stability, people forget their plans and what they put as a market analysis.
The passage of time without the occurrence of your plan brings you boredom and then forget what you put
Then go to the chart again and put another model and another plan and so on
And what then is not a failure !!

If you stick to one clear plan to avoid stumbling fish they are after several days or months,they forget the place of the house or place of food

This is what the market does on your mind
Boredom / forgetfulness
To become like a fish forget your plan
Every day, my views will be completely different from the previous ones and you will abandon your main plan.

Our advice to you

When analyzing the market, do so with a clear mind
Once you confirm and become sure about your plan
Don`t back to chart analysis again, just keep eyes on your plan and what the price doing, and in the end back to see your plan got failure or success
And then learn the reasons for the success
Or the causes of your failure and permanent retrea
That way you'll find a way out.

The normal thing
People do something
Whether in the market or in real life.

But remember the market is not a place to forget is a place to work the mind throughout the day/ month/year
To the extent that you are diligent, you will receive the reward that you deserve.

This publication is always meant to make your mind expand
Put your plan on strong terms
The chart is not just drawing lines and patterns only
as you use your hands, use your mind before them.

if we should say Thanks, All Thanks to Allah, He is our teacher and guide in that life.
we ask Allah reconcile and repay


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HamadaMark alanmasters
@alanmasters, Amen
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@bitcoin8, Thanks for feedback jay :)
You are without a doubt one of the most brilliant publishers here on TradingView. Great wisdom in your posts.
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Denis_Faiber TracksuitTrader
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HamadaMark Denis_Faiber
Thanks for feedback dear @Denis_Faiber,
HamadaMark TracksuitTrader
Thanks for kind words Dear @TracksuitTrader, really appreciated it.
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