Save yourself from the trap

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About traps patterns. "VIP"

when can you say it`s a trap?!!

When you get full bullish pattern , Then the price drops, or opposite full bearish pattern , Then the price rises.
Not, when you missing Train !!

Many people when the price trick them they call it a trap
first, learn how the trap work

Say current pattern Trap?


the pattern didn`t done yet, when pattern Done and price do the opposite at this case you can call it a trap

first, you need to know how you can trade with this pattern to avoid traps
almost of all patterns depends on, breakout or breakdown
from this points, people can join Safely
like now who is looking for safe entry wait for a breakout for H&S , pattern failed and no breakout happen surely he has plan B
read more about H&s pattern to know how you can use them


Smart Money

Some people joined from Bottom with capital management, they are safe and gained profit, also they can set stop at entry, and wait for the breakout to add invest more.


This article for you as advice to know
What the trap means
And how to avoid them
And how you can use it plan B
And when you can called it a trap

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we ask Allah reconcile and repay

We just normal people bro
Read the story, it's just a tip.

all of us here, has a fishing hook and sit on the same beach.

At end of day / Season
Some returned with fishes, Some returned without anything.

People think that
who is back with fishes he is pro and a great guy
and who he returned empty-handed is a loser

That not true and wrong though, The true is

who is back with fishes, not a great person, But he got reconciled from Allah like livelihood
The second guy didn`t, but he try, and he will win at another day maybe he returned before with fishes at Another day but he wasn`t unlucky this day.

The same thing happens with us at Technical Analysis here at the TV
all of us own same tools same chart same pattern maybe the same view, like fishermen They sit on the same beach
but one He was successful from Allah, another guy one didn`t

This is life accept it my brother and look to it with The eye of wisdom is not pride and arrogance

-Who thinks he is great he is a big loser

-Who likes people tell him you are the best

- who is looking for self-love at the end he will loss.

-Always remember this my dear brother

-life is Cycle, at This cycle, a day for you, day on you.

and you should accept both and be calm, To enjoy your life.

If you found this advice useful to you
Add your feedback
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we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 18
評論: our active analyses/signals live charts

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 18
評論: #BTC

In this article, we will talk about

Our plan since Feb 2018

How can you be a trader ?!

BTC 1.81% analysis

New Signal :) for who missed the train :(

Our expectation for btc
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Be trader, not a gambler, be sure you follow risk/capital management!!

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we ask Allah reconcile and repay


The comments from @Sputnikent shows, How impolite and envious he is.
He is Envious about your Popularity, Hence trying to misguide your followers
by creating Fud.

My only compliment to @Sputnikent is (R I D I C U L O U S)

@Hamada, Please ignore this kind of people, They don't deserve any RESPONSE.
And please keep up the Good Work, We appreciate and benefit from your Hard work.

+1 回覆
Romantoy Romantoy
TV has banned Mr. @Sputnikent for 30 Days... (He got what he deserves)
+1 回覆
@Romantoy, We read your comment last night but we can`t reply because we are out of work, we don`t know anything about this guy but we saw he do that with many peoples good from TV to Apply the law

And Thanks for info bor and you kind words dear @Romantoy,
Trap into VIP.
HamadaMark KongCrypto
@KongCrypto, are you know anything about our vip?? also are you know anything about or free signals here?!! also are you saw us ask people to join vip?
Good idea, but I wouldnt drag allah or any other god into that.
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Salaam Dear Bro @Lunaxx,

for us we say Allah at everything before eat/sleep /getting out of the house / also trading etc at everything we do

the point of sharing this article is sharing our thought and share how we thinking maybe our thought or advice help someone that the point as like our signals for some people don`t like this part about Allah they can do what they wan.t ignore it read advice only etc , but for us we can`t as we explained to you.

in the end, thanks for feedback dear @Lunaxx, wish you found this article useful to you.
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Lunaxx HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, its ok to believe in whatever you want, but in trading it might drag you back as ppl here are making logical decisions, not decisions made of hope or belief, so even if you write really good and logical idea and put god at the end you set it back as ppl may start to doubt what led you into that decision in the background.
Just my 5 cents. Take care
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@Lunaxx, we have 635 Idea you can review them one by one and tell us which one not passed in logical ways ask Allah not mean close your eyes and delete your mind and keep pray only

Allah gift us A mind to use it for thinking etc that what we do use this logical way, and at the end ask Allah reconcile and repay, means asking him to lead our mind to the right thing That the point
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