#BTC Fast look
-Since we left BTC at 5/7/2019 For our trip he still at the same levels
-didn`t break Daily resistance.
-Show weakness at the daily frame.
-weekly candles close look good.
-still, following H&S pattern at the 6H / daily frame.
we already set our plan for buy if close above $6850 daily means break this resistance.

also if follow H&s Pattern buy zone will be from Right shoulder low
SMA 45 Looks very strong and located at resistance area Btc try to pass him

At last update, we said

About alts?!!

Have Small risk good pattern good reward and many of the gained profit / stop at entry/risk Assessment is good
so be calm and take your breath

But is that all?

from chart yes you can't gamble by your expectations
you can saw movement and analyze it, and the chart owns the final word.

But it`s bad to set expect without confirm but we expect we will reach $7400 soon and this right shoulder will fail to complete setup

But as we say no trade without confirming and you can't gamble by your expectations

We still in a Psychological zone for BTC , also for the market, and you already have your plan for short and long
Notice we didn`t use leverage or recommend to use it.

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 10
評論: Secondary analysis

Main analysis for btc movement since Feb 2018 still active

Explain for btc movement and what you need to know
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 10
評論: #BTC
The Weakness at the daily frame and this closing below resistance with red candles, lead price to loss 1% today

are you remember our post.
Notice That all this trade have a higher risk so follow capital management as we suggest follow this pined message
and be careful with your trades
Btc make a good move before the weekend but still at risk range

Especially this part
+$200 / -$500 can change the market wave at second
All trades we has have a low risk, many of them stop at entry and gained profit
read our BTC updates


as we said before BTC show H&S Pattern at 6 h / Daily frame
and we at right shoulder movement right now
Bottom for this Right shoulder located at 6150/6000

right now, at 6 H frame, we have Channel continue range pattern.
Righ now, we are above downside tren for this channel break it will lead btc to $6350/6150/6000
bounce once again will be good to make the last retest for the upward trend.

VIP Part

Our active Signals from
$5850 Active stop at entry
The secondary signal at $6250 active Stop at entry
Both signals gained profit at $6650

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 10
評論: #BTC
Breakdown the channel
next stop at $6350 / 6000
Resistance for current movement $6750
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 10
評論: #BTC Reach $6350 move fast because we follow a bearish trend
from the current price of $6350 btc can take his breath for a while.
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 10
評論: #BTC Start Take His breath?
we ask Allah reconcile and repay

Jul 11
評論: for 18 Hours Btc takes his breath
we located $6150/6000 as the bottom for right shoulder low of the support zone
High of this support at current price $6350 low located at $6000
if btc close below $6000 with a full red candle this means H&S Pattern Failed
so be sure you follow capital management when you open buy position
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 11
評論: What-will-Happen-if-H-S-Pattern-Failed-Plan-B/
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 12
評論: Update
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 12
評論: #BTC
Reach His bottom of H&S pattern right now we are at support range of H&S Pattern $6350/$6000
At last update, we set plan B for BTC movement
and what will happen if this pattern failed
and why this rebound important for the market, and what this all rebounded means for the market movement

also, plan B have further expect for BTC movement if BTC failed and drop all expectations have conditions read them.

Current movement

we expect a Pull back from right shoulder to $6500/6850 breakout this levels with daily close we will see $7200/7450
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 13
評論: we still at Right SHoulder Support range keep your eyes open be sure you follow capital management BTC From$ 6075 to $6250 good rebound but green candles do not confirm yet

At another frame daily frame, we can see btc give good reaction from $6075 Bottom of the right shoulder but still need more power to show green candles
Close daily below this level with a full red candle will change everything.

We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 15
評論: #BTC

"VIP" Shared before
at last update, we set time analysis and expect movement at next 12/36 H
12 H passed BTC grow +1% we still have 24H

also we talk about Time Cycle Centers for month and explain it
with clarification for the most important level at current movement
with market analysis and what this movement means to btc
also we shared Plan B
and more than that, we shared what you need to know further analysis with a plan for how you can convert all loss you have to profit
everything provided for you here
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Current movement
as we see BTC still hold above $6000 major Support for this movement we can saw small grow to $6350
We named this range a Support zone for the right shoulder. of this pattern

we still have 24 Hours to saw BTC do his movement break out it with green candles, we can see Market take his breath once again.
break down we have plan B and what we need to do.

we already set our expectations for current movement since 3/7/2018 and keep updates until now

and we have our active signals

From $5850 Public/VIP
From $6250/6150 VIP
From$6350 VIP
with good risk Assessment / and capital management

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 15
評論: Are your mind confused?!! BTC very clear, Just read it!!
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 15
評論: Btc show weakness from Sma 20 $6350 at 4 H frame possible retest $6250
At next hours
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 16
評論: since 8 Hours we expect reset $6250 our expect failed and BTC breakout $6350 direct
the good thing if you follow our updates and open trade from Bottom of right shoulder your trades move in profit about 5/6%
also, our main signal from $5850 moved in profit passed 15% and still active
praise be to Allah
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 16
評論: #BTC
Did a good move as we expect and follow our time analysis Shared on VIP
right now we are very close to the last step at this H&S Pattern
resistance for this pattern at $6700$6800
from this zone, we can get breakout direct or retest $6550 again
move your stop_loss to entry level, for our active signal
from $6150/6250 /$5850
be sure you follow capital management
ours expect, still, $7200/7550 target for this pattern passed 7800 with weekly close everything will change
keep your eyes on updates

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 17
評論: #BTC
Didn`t Pass His resistance at $6850 last night also btc was growing about 7% at one-day.
market cap grows up from 248 B to 272 B good movement but you can see many people at the market didn`t accept this movement and still have this thought it`s bull trap.

for us
This not trap
This movement as we explained before at BTC What will Happen if H&S Pattern Failed?!! Plan B
we said
Much Drama will happen if BTC -0.41% fail to bounce to $7400.

Why That?

a rock falls down from the top of the mountain
If there were not some rocks that would slow the fall of that big rock, what would happen?
Certainly, the fall of that big rock would be very violent
For that current bounce for BTC, like old bounce at $5900 / $6550, It only slows the movement of the fall and reduces damage.
for that, we say bounce to $7400 will be good and healthy for the market.

so this healthy movement, not bull trap

Current Movement

we can see Momentum indicators peaked overbought we can ignore it but if you to price he didn`t ignore it red candle Began to emerge
also, we have another H&S Pattern at this movement
if we follow this movement and signs we expect retest $6550/6450 SMA 90 Support of this pattern resistance for this movement $6850 pass with daily close lead btc to $7200/7500 and expect for correction to $6550/6450 will be failed
now you have plan for short movement but we don't recommend use leverage

VIP part
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 17
評論: VIP

Keep your eyes open
we ask Allah reconcile and repay

#BTC ^)^
Break out direct wish you keep your eyes open
our expect for retest $6500 failed
Check Your Targets
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 17
交易結束:目標達成: #BTC
Signal from $5850 gain your sec target at Current price $7400
and hold rest of your btc gained 28%
Stop at entry
VIP Signal From $6150/6250 Gained your sec Target at $7400 gained 18% Stop at entry

Who is following updates and buy from Bottom of the Right shoulder at $6350/6000 doing the same
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 17
評論: Btc reach resistance level at $7400/$7500
Expect retest $6950 soon
Be sure you follow tragets and updates

We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 17
評論: people forget where is we are
we still move below downtrend all this movement as we said many times before just healthy correction
right now we reach daily Resistance good resistance located around $7500/7800
we expect BTC retest $6950/6850 before do any new movement
as we said before we will talk about new trend if BTC Pass $12200 weekly before that we will get many signs for bullish or bearish and by movement, we analyze chart and set expect

until now we keep update for the current movement
and the bearish trend still dominant
look at the daily analysis
Old expect
new Update

So don`t forget where is we are and what this movement means?
for the new step, we should confirm current step first
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 18
評論: #BTC

In this article, we will talk about

Our plan since Feb 2018

How can you be a trader ?!

BTC 1.81% analysis

New Signal :) for who missed the train :(

Our expectation for btc
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 19
評論: #BTC
after last explain for our plan and how we work with btc
we back to current movement for btc
we set resistance zone and sec target for BTC at $7400$7800 SMA 135 /0.5 Fib level.

And as we see BTC give his reaction from resistance low
also, we can see clear Candlestick pattern Called Shooting Start
this good sign support our expectations for retest $7000/6850 SMA 45 Range Fib 0.23 level "major Correction level"

Old drawing

New Drawing

#BTC another Draw

We ask Allah reconcile and repay

This Candle Pattern "Shooting Start " will activate After current daily candle close below this low $7200

if new daily candle close above $7550 daily we will see $7800 directly

these details help you to know where is sell range and stop range, we didn`t short btc or recommend using leverage, but our work is analyzed movement to expect what the next.

we already set new signal for who missing buy from $5850
$6150 /6250
Bottom for right shoulder

we analyzed a signal for them
Buy range around
$7070/6850 with 15% of his capital
Close daily below $6500
Set your own risk
follow capital management as we suggest
remember we still at bearish trend so be sure you follow CM as we suggest.

for who joined our bottom signals
use your profit and follow this signal
you already gained about 25% from 5850
and about 18/15% of $6250/6150.

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 21
評論: Notice all new updates will be shared on this chart
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Be a trader, not a gambler, and be sure you follow risk/capital management!!

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👑 Live Results:
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we ask Allah reconcile and repay



you gotta chill on the retest, we're not dipping below this current point, at least for now
+1 回覆
@NTEC, we are fine retest or not are ready but this pattern always retest nickline after breakout
NTEC HamadaMark
NTEC HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, you were right. we retest...
NTEC HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, retest 6800
Awesome bro..claps..what is further btc move bro
+1 回覆
we push up
+1 回覆
HamadaMark hydr0ph1a
Good work @hydr0ph1a,
hydr0ph1a HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, thx, lets see if it bounce of... ore dump more.
I´m rly unshure
+1 回覆
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