#BTC What the Chart tell us?!

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At last update since few hours
at 1 H frame
Btc move in an upward channel and $3950/3800 is Support for this channel
Stability above $3800/3900 is very important to complete this bullish movement
the breakdown for this channel, will lead BTC to $3650/3550 again

Then BTC broke that channel

before take about what the current action to take let us take fast look at BTC time frames
1 H frame
After breakdown for this upward channel there is no much panic on market even with this red candle at daily frame this mean people still positive about bullish movement
At this frame
You will find BTC besieged between
SMA 50 as Resistance $3950
SMA 100 as Support $3750
SMA 200 as Support $3500
Also Current movement very close to H&S Pattern
So for who looking for long scalping keep your focus at this yellow eye $3580/3650

4 H time frame
The situation is not very different from the 1 frame
The same levels of support and resistance also the patterns

12 H frame
you can see btc move in Descending Channel
Also, there`s was Bullish Divergence
25 Nov / 8 /15 Dec
Then Btc grew about +26% after that
now there`s a Bearish Divergence
between this date
29 Nov / 21 Dec
with these signs, BTC show weakness from resistance line at $4150 and drop to $3850 right now
the good thing until now 1/4/12 frame agree with the same level $3650/3500 as important level and last defend line for bulls.

educate yourself
About Descending Channel
About Divergence

Daily frame
The movement was very close to H&S and still if btc didn`t back below $3500 daily with full Bearish candle
It is worth mentioning that we have already drawn this pattern by specifically on December 10 last
One of our fans was puzzled by the matter and said
isn't it too early to predict and draw inverse head and shoulders?
That was our answer

Weekly Frame
nice performance and a good rebound above the SMA 2000
But the price is currently in the face of the 150 moving average which the price has not yet succeeded in overcoming
Therefore, pass SMA 150 moving average with a weekly closing, we will see more positive movement and vice versa if the BTC fails to do so

But the most important of this stability is above than SMA 200 Recent touches in past years for SMA 200 ended with a good recovery for the BTC
So, of course, closing below it would have bad consequences

Monthly frame
Finally calm and start appearing wicks after a decline of about 47% in last month
If Dec Close by this way with a long wick
this means 55% of the market turned to the bullish side and probably we will see good green at Jan

educate yourself

Now after reading BTC trading frames?! what we extract from them?!

$3600/3500 is an important level and last defend line for bulls so keep your eyes on it, if we get a good reaction from it, properly we will open long signal from it

Break $3500$3400 with a full bearish candle will lead btc to another dip

SMA 200 is a major support for btc so closing below it would have bad consequences to market

Break SMA 150 with weekly close will bring more bullish movement

Dec performance until now is good, for that we add Dec as an important date for btc due performance for btc at this month will indicate how btc will start 2019 new year, so closing with a long wick, probably we will see a green Jan

what we doing now?!
we provided support levels for current movement but we don`t short btc due we don't use leverage
we waiting for price reaction form $3650/3550 to open long signal or not

Our Current Signals
1-we added $3150/3200 as long entry at 16 Dec gained +24% still active stop at entry
2-from $3550 gained +10% still active stop at entry
3--from $3350 gained + 16% still active stop at entry

3 signals have 1 and last target is $hold

#Statement for our work with btc during this storm from 8 Dec until today 21 Dec 2018
Net Profit for btc long signals = 68.08% Without Leverage X10 =680 %

# Previous Statement for our work with btc during this storm from 14 Nov until today 8 Dec 2018
Net Profit for btc long signals = 54.55% Without Leverage X10 = 540 % about 28 Signal
about 6 short updates and analysis
Total - 73 %Without Leverage, X10 =730%

#The most important events during this year from Dec 2017 to Dec 2018

Our prediction for a big move at btc since 2 Nov 2018

Our time prediction Since 16 Dec
If btc didn't take aside until 21/23 Dec probably he will join sideways
After that Btc Bounce +26% Since this prediction

About MarketCap
Since our prediction Cap Bounce +37%
Due to this rebound, you saw many alts pumped at last days
read updates

Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay

Dec 22
評論: During our work at Market
always when we see the herd agree with one thing 90% this thing fail, Since 3/4 days people agree with bearish Pattern then btc pump, and now looks the whole market set $3650/3500 as his bounce zone and buy zone so it will be a free chance or the market will fool everyone.

btc until now is stable above $37XX (SMA 100), Alts keeps good movement and no much panic on market.

for us, nothing changes, for now, we still wait for $3650/3500 but for sure if btc, except if btc went up above $3950/4000 again.

We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Dec 22
評論: #BTC and Herd

Buy between $3870/$3950




Risk: 2.50%


we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Dec 23
評論: We are in a high oscillator area and almost people go to open long now after waiting $3650/3500 yesterday now the same people turned to long from current levels, so if bears want do there movement, this the best chance for them
So be sure you follow capital management at last signal
Btc hit $3935 after our signal then bounced twice to $4030 near our first target

Buy between $3950/$3880 still available


Max Invest :10:
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Dec 23
交易結束:目標達成: #BTC Signal update
from $3950/3935 if you get btc
Target at $4050 Achieved

Free to Close your signal at Current price $3980 /3977, we work on a new update since 30 Min we will share it when we finished.

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Dec 23
評論: Our new updates with short explanation the current analysis for time frames still active

We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Be trader, not a gambler, be sure you follow risk/capital management!!

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we ask Allah reconcile and repay


thank's sir for your anaytics. maybe BTC to 3550/3650 again
Good job bro, very clear and well written, waiting for your next signal probably at 3550/3650
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