BTC What will Happen if H&S Pattern Failed?!! Plan B

All of us know BTC Has Inverse H&S Pattern
Support Located at H $6350/ L $6000 Many waits for this zone to buy,
if this pattern work we will see $7200/7450 very easy and this will make a while of the market grow up.
But what happens if this Pattern Fail?

The first thing we need to know, how this pattern can fail?
if we break $6000 with a full red candle this means the price goes lower than left shoulder and have right shoulder failed then people start to panic sell.

But what the next?

we will visit $5850 once again, break down it, we will go down until $4700 then market take a breath once again.
But main Support located at $3700 from this BTC can be rebound once again to $4700/5200.
Then dip to $2900/2370 The Bottom of this movement our expect since Feb 2018
Much Drama will happen if BTC fail to bounce to $7400.

Why That?

a rock falls down from the top of the mountain
If there were not some rocks that would slow the fall of that big rock, what would happen?
Certainly, the fall of that big rock would be very violent
For that current bounce for BTC , like old bounce at $5900 $6550, It only slows the movement of the fall and reduces damage.
for that we say bounce to $7400 will be good and healthy for the market.

right now you have your plan B and what will happen if this pattern fail and Btc break down $5850

We have Active analyses for btc since Feb 2018 until now
Also, active Signals from $5850 Gained about 13%
from $6250 gained about 10%
both of them Stop_at entry

Also, we keep updates every day
be sure you have free capital at your wallet, be sure you have plan.

This market like a battlefield, your Ammo on this battle, is your capital.
if you waste your Ammo without management it, you will be killed easily at war.
means you will lose everything you have at the market.
bro be sure you follow capital management, you have a plan, to fight until the end and take the right choice to win the war
we ask Allah reconcile and repay

Secondary Update "Active From $5850"

Secondary Update "DONE From $6850"

Secondary Update "DONE From $5900"

Main Analysis "Active"

What do you need to know?

Jul 12
評論: We saw many of Hassan come to this post
Our advice for them read this
And remember all of this analyses is an expectiones have conditions to active it can be true or false, so before set any comment use your mind and read what we wrote below chart.
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Jul 15
評論: Are your mind confused?!! BTC very clear, Just read it!!
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Be a trader, not a gambler, and be sure you follow risk/capital management!!

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we ask Allah reconcile and repay


What is your view on the current trend?
Thanks for nice Idea
+1 回覆
HamadaMark PowerTank
You are welcome Dear @PowerTank, Thanks for your feedback.
Key going 155 satoh + - 5 ltc 55 56 dolar xrp .30 cent just watch
AliAtes AliAtes
@AliAtes, maybe 1 montly watch and waiting
+1 回覆
Month or Year Allah willing we still here :) Thanks for sharing Dear @AliAtes,
Who is Hassan lol
+1 回覆
@ralvori, Hahaha Hassan is part of us eveyone here Have Small Hassan inside his mind read article to know who is Hassan :)
$2900/2370 ..
You mistyped right?
@siht84, mistyped since Feb don't think that, but about expectations yes its can be true or false we keep updates and use movement to gain profit but we have plan with conditions didn't change yet
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