Trading at the Destiny point

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The answer to the question of my dear brother Metin

The Destiny point It has a lot of definitions at English, but at the trading means a turning point in the currency, Breakout/breakdown this will take this pair to a new path as like $6100/$5850 breakdown them,will take BTC to another stage of trading also the market as we explained before


How you can trade at the Destiny point?!

from our view when you trade at destiny point your expect will be like a gamble if you don`t have a clear sign for your expected
same here
BTC if u set expect for current movement will be like a gamble especially if u set high levels

Is it possible to ask a question, Is it possible to reach the age of 50 directly without living a young childhood period in the sense of your age to be 50 years without being 49 last year? Surely not

the same thing with btc you can`t say $7000 before pass $6850 as an example, step confirm the next step
from the person shape, you can expect age, same from price reaction you can expect next movement.
so to reach your levels we need to see a powerful sign support your expect
like, break out this Descending triangle pass $8800 or show good reaction as like this one at the monthly frame.

but maybe you say, you are still stick your bearish plan since Feb and this an expectation also! so You are gambling with your expect?!

surely not

the first rules you learn at TA or life Don`t swim against the current
so we take trend side until trend change his way, and to avoid missing reward we keep trade with movement

so it`s different

but how i can trade?

it`s simple and we explained it many times, set plan have

limits for movement

capital management

risk assessment

entry zone has a lower risk

then u can decide if you will trade or wait.

we wish this article was useful to you my brother, also to all

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if we should say Thanks, All Thanks to Allah, He is our teacher and guide in that life.
we ask Allah reconcile and repay

Be a trader, not a gambler, and be sure you follow risk/capital management!!

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we ask Allah reconcile and repay



awesome, i like this man :) blessings
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Thank you My bro
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Thank you very much my bro! The reason why I asked was you know, I'm trying to decode Gann's method. And I had first time since longer 2 different Targets up and not down!
But you are right - step by step...
Veesselam dear brother!
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