BTC !! Decision time

BTC Below SMA 120 The last 2 times Btc Fail to pass it just touch then drop hard
let us watch what will happen this time
last night was 22 of Month was a day of movement change
today we saw a Bullish candle can be a trap, can be a real breakout

Markt cap at $7500 was 290 B right now at $7700 is $287/290 B
no much volume added to the market.
if we close above $7850 Daily with full green candle, the next target will be $8000 / $8220 /$8800 / $9450.
our expectation is retesting $7070/6850 first and fail from this point at $7700/7850
but when the chart shows a green candle and power for bulls at the time cycle this means the movement will continue for that

we opened a risky signal Against what we expect from $7680
3 %
this signal has a high risk because we expect dips but at the end, we follow chart, also it`s opened before confirming the breakout.
Max invest for new investors is 10%
for who gained profit from our bottom signals use half of your profit to join this signal.

we have another signal from
$5850 Gained 25% still active until now
$6150/6250 gained about 15% still active until now

Our secondary analysis explains our plan since Feb 2018 also our conditions for the new trend.
read it...

we ask Allah reconcile and repay

交易結束:目標達成: SIgnal from $7680 Gained your first Target at $7925 + 3.5%
Next Targets
$7450 risk / 3.5%
Signal from $5850 move in profit 35%
Signal from $6150/6250 move in profit 27%
both still active and we hold them
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: our signal from $7680 stop at entry
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
From our mistakes we learn,
ignore your mistake make you loser.

At current movement for BTC, we expect retest $7070/6850 and mark it as a buy zone
also, we expect to retest it not us only many people were had the same expected.

last day we follow time analysis, and did another thing, opposite of what we expect, we buy BTC from $7680 and all Thanks to Allah, it`s gained profit with Bottom signals and right now has 0 risk

ours expect for retest $7070/6800 from $7500 $7850 failed and we are wrong
but our signal gained the profit.

The point of this update is,

the chart owns the word, so Do not set yourself up as his opponent, he is your friend, expect what he will do, if he does opposite don`t say no, he should do what i expect, surely not, he still owns his word. so he can do what he wants.

if your expectations failed, didn`t come with a new chart and ignore your mistake, by this way you will be a loser, loss trust of your follower come in first place, and this a big loss.

just update your ideas, and say i was wrong, you are human, not Messenger of Allah, or angel, you do mistakes and you do right things also.

-at the end from our mistakes, we learn.
wish this tip was useful to you as like other tips.

-also, this was tips beyond charts for our people at VIP
take about BTC at $7500 and what chart say and what our mind says
read it......

if we should say Thanks, All Thanks to Allah, He is our teacher and guide in that life.
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
交易結束:目標達成: the signal from $7680 gained sec target at $8300
next targets
stop at entry
signals from $5850/6150/6250
Hold also
stop at entry
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: 4 H frame SHow Bearish Divergence "for us didn`t mean anything' Maybe trap others
but from support and resistance levels
possible re-test from $8450/8800 to $7650
we didn`t recommend short BTC or use leverage
very soon we will share this entry 4 for who missed this train
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: updates on this chart
we ask Allah reconcile and repay


please go up
We broke EMA100 (daily interval) for good which is very bullish. We also observe
RSI positive convergence and it's getting stronger.
Resistance levels at $8430; $8630; $8875
sorry to ask but i cant find full green candle explanation anywhere. does it just mean green candle, what does full mean?
+1 回覆
Paisleyred HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, so full still means 1 candle or does it mean more than 1?
+1 回覆
HamadaMark Paisleyred
@Paisleyred, at this post we mean one candle
Paisleyred HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, thanks, hey what is yr premium signal costs and where do i find it
+1 回覆
HamadaMark Paisleyred
Sorry bro we didn`t make ads for Vip at TV @Paisleyred, also if you new follower suggest follow our free signals first then you can ask for VIP if you follow us since long time you can send message
Paisleyred HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, that sounds great. i have been watching a few annalists for some time but i really enjoy yr openness and honesty when dealing with market.
+2 回覆
HamadaMark Paisleyred
@Paisleyred, and ask about you need to know bro no sorry :)
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