Someone told you that, Hamada is saying something bad about you and you do not believe him, so you decided to go and ask Hamada if what this person told you true or not

If it is true here, it is possible to be sad and angry, of course
If not, here you will rejoice and calm

The situation here is not much different in the chart
Always in the breakout or breakdown and that the price back to his center and ask if this breakout or down real or not

now we are waiting for that movement. We are waiting for the test to be repeated and to confirm what happened. Is it a false or real break?

But there is some signs support if price back to retest now or later

First, if the price still near the broken area
second, if the price reaches good support or resistance and shows long wicks or inverse candles
third, if price and market start calm, this shows if the people stopping sell and they will buy or stopping buying and they will sell

Current movement

Yeah BTC break $5750 Hold above this level since Dec 2017 about a year
but look for movement effect u will see price hold above $5200 with wicks at 4 h frame daily candles come with wicks also

for that, we said since long time ago break $5650 with daily close or weekly we will see btc dip
but even with this breakdown BTC still near the broken area without daily close or weekly close below this $5650 until now.

Read chart &Current Movement

you will see we draw support level for btc with yellow lines, Take a closer look, you will see Btc rebound from this yellow lines, and above this lines, you will see candles with wicks then the price bounce
Btc show candles with a wick at the daily frame from $5188 Very close to our buy zone from $5150/4850
But also u can see BTC didn`t close below this daily support at $5450

if we extract the chart pattern we can see
Descending triangle
extract info and trading levels from it
u will same yellow lines we draw before but this time we use Descending triangle to extract them last time we use wick and support area

Look again at the chart
you can see H&S Pattern but he takes a long time to break down but after movement done you can see many patterns were supported this movement, but your feeling and hope cover your eyes.

At 6 Days time frame, u will see btc close at $5605 breakdown
But at small frames, Btc hold and show some wicks
if u keep reading chart and time frame maybe u will lose your mind someday also your money every chart have a view and make you confused for that we always say mange plan and follow it until new movement come

At this analysis, we help you and provide a plan for trading btc if he continues to move his darkness movement
Maybe you ask why we keep say drake move or new trend?!
we already explain why that
when we were around 6500 people were looking for $7500/8500 etc, so what will happen when we become below $5000?! That the point
also, read this analysis will help to understand what we mean well

Trading Plan

if Btc hit stop at the entry for this signals

Our Buy zone Will be Around $5150/$4850 Removed for now check Updates below Chart
Close daily below $4700
Max Invest : 10% to 15%

Buy zone Around
Stop_loss :
Close below $3450 Daily
Max Invest : 10% to 25%

Buy zone Around $3100/$2950
Stop_loss Close below $2900 Daily
Max Invest : 15% to 30%

Buy Around $2250/1850
Stop_loss:Close below $1750 Daily
Max Invest : 15% to 30%

If Btc Back above $6500/$7000 and we love to see that this buy zone will be canceled until this moment this plan active like Feb plan

The Main Thing you need to know we are trading at a market Easy to manipulate, so if btc hit $1 Then Hit $1 M this normal at Crypto, be sure of that anything can happen here
like now after this red movement and hit $5180 we can see BTC went up with a green bar to $7000 !!

But the main thing you need to do for surviving and be here until the end,
capital management & trading plan and at this update we already provided both for you all time
we ask Allah reconcile and repay

評論: BTC Depends on an increase of 10%
look at weekly frame full red candle
just 24 h until weekly close
a full red candle will push many people to sell and forget retest for now or long btc

all of this depends on 10% just around $500 $600 will change everything

from panic sell to panic buy if this weekly candle bounce and close at $6100
see from $890 to $20.000 and at a range like the current one $500/$600 can change market situation

Daily keep good close with wick candles but no reaction from bulls yet
Also at 3 Days time frame show hammer pattern

Our signals
we have BTC from $5350
Gained the first Target at $5550
Next Targets
we said if BTC hit stop at entry buy around $5150/4850
Max Invest 10/15%
Stop_loss: Close below $4700 Daily

if BTC retest $5850$6100 from current level $5500
we will cancel this signal around $5150/4850

We ask Allah reconcile and repay
交易結束:目標達成: VIP Update
7 Signals Since 14 Nov at 4 Days while the red move for BTC +13.5 % for our signals
No leverage!
Check them

We ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: Important update Check it
We ask Allah reconcile and repay

we say if btc Drop and our signals
from $5350 gained 5.5%
from $5500 gained 2.25 %
Hit Stop at entry
New buy position will be around $5150/4850
if BTC retest $5850$6100 from current level $5500
we will cancel this signal around $5150/4850

for now, remove this buy zone from your list
We work to get a more accurate position
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: In reply to Vip Signals
#BTC Shooting Star start work

At last update we said
Due to this shooting start Pattern at 4 H frame, we might see BTC drop at next candles, for that we secured our Current signals
this pattern will fail if BTC closing above $ 5750 4 H or Daily
And we update Article about how u can read shooting start trade it etc
" Notice we Don`t use leverage for that we can`t short BTC"
Also, we remove this buy zone at $5150/4850 from our list
We work to get a more accurate position
Then BTC drop from $5565 to $5450 so what now?

Current Movement:
BTC Still hold well above $5200 " IPL" from our list
but today was the end of the trading week and BTC closed below $5650 Weekly means our condition for New Bearish trend confirmed

With all these wick candles and this hammer pattern at 3 days frame, we mentioned it at previous updates since 24 Hours ago Btc didn`t reach real buy zone yet we are still so far from it
but after this weekly close, many peoples will wait for any chance to sell BTC around $5850 /$6100

like now with a hammer candle at 3 days frame and many wicks at the daily frame, bulls didn`t take any action,
but with a Shooting star at 4 H frame, the bears starting to sell BTC directly.

for that, it`s easy for bears to push BTC down
for that we removed our order from $5150/$4850 we can see a small bounce from this level but BTC still so far from first strong support

take a look at this snapshot
we already put this zone at our trading plan as buy positions for btc
these levels has a good ratio P/L
now we will trade with btc as did at this last 4 days
until BTC reach good buy zone
then we back to full activity at the market again

Movement limits:
If BTC Closed below $5100 Daily we expect to see $4800/4200 with small rebound from this levels

if BTC closed above $5750 Daily our expect will fail and BTC might retest $5850/6100

#BTC Update our signals
Since 14 Nov big red candle we provided 7 Signals for btc
1-from $5550 Gained $5725 +2.87 Scalp
2-from $5550 Gained $5650 1.65% Scalp
3-from $5550 book profit at $5599 around 1%
4-from $5550 Gained $5612 +1%
5-from $5400 Hit Sl at $5350 -0.75%
6-from $5350 Gained 5.5 % Still Active stop at entry
7-from $5500 Gained 2.25% Hit Stop at entry
Loss = 0.75%
Profit = 14.27%
Net Profit for btc signals = 13.52% Without Leverage
we don`t recommend use leverage at Our Analyses or Signals

from $5650 BTC drop to $5450/5200 -5.5 was short analysis " we can`t trade due leverage
While we work at Tv for a new update, we missed buying from $5350 Btc went up about 6% we Catch it again

Thanks for ViP Guys they don't mind to share the important updates for BTC and market with you

Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: In reply to Vip Signals
Most Important levels for BTC you need to know.
we added this levels since 3 months ago and at every update since this time we mention them

$6850 powerful resistance
$7500 Break will be good
$8800 Main step for bullish

$5650 Close below it daily / weekly = Red Market
$5200 price hit this level then bounce to $5600
we can see a bounce from
powerful Support at the log chart
$1850 Hell gate

When the market can back to safety, and the hope back to people?
If BTC back to $6200/6500 and close above daily/ weekly.

When the market and BTC confirming this dip and break hope?
if BTC close below $5650 Daily / Weekly with full red candles.

it`s a good time for a trade?
Most likely answer No
wait until market confirm this breakdown is a fake or real Then depending on this you can start trade again.

what the best thing to do now?
at sometimes like that
stop trading is trading. also during the red market give a good chances for scalping, we scalp BTC about 7 times until now, without leverage!


What is 'Scalping'
Scalping is a trading strategy geared toward attaining many profits on minor price changes. Traders who implement this strategy place anywhere from 10 to a couple hundred trades in a single day with the belief that small moves in stock price are easier to catch than large ones; traders who implement this strategy are known as scalpers. Many small profits can easily compound into large gains if a strict exit strategy is used to prevent large losses.

Psychology Behind Scalping
Scalpers need to be disciplined and need to stick to their trading regimen very closely. Any decision that needs to be made should be done so with certainty. But scalpers should also be very flexible, because market conditions are very fluid and if a trade isn't going as expected, they'll need to fix the situation as quickly as possible without incurring too much of a loss.

we at crypto if you don`t good and pro at this scalp job 1 mistake can cost you everything if you use leverage

for us, we scalp with long-only, no leverage at any signals, split our sell order at the targets to catching profit faster, secure our trades after gain the first target, put management plan depends on market situation and movement.

Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: #VIP Update for Scalping zone

Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
交易進行: #Scalping zone update ad active
Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: Scalping signal closed read update

Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
評論: Important updates
read them

Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Be a trader, not a gambler, and be sure you follow risk/capital management!!

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we ask Allah reconcile and repay



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