#BTC Short Time or The Moon Ticket?

#BTC Short Time or The Moon Ticket?
You will find the answer to this question between these lines if you take two minutes to read it

$5400/$5440 work as main resistance, Breakout with daily close will push btc up,
BTC closed Daily at $5390 Then Goes Directly to $5800 +7%

Current Movement:

BTC recorded new high since this low on 15 Dec 2018 with Clear breakout for SMA 50 weekly( No confirm yet)
The question now is whether BTC has done or have more to do?
The weekly Close will answer this question if you follow our update you know we talk about closing above SMA 50

But until this happens Current movement for btc between Critical levels $5800/$6100 and there mixed signals for Bearish and Bullish Divergence on Daily frame
So, There is a possibility of seeing a correction from these levels to $5450 as initial Support levels

About crossovers Between ( SMA 200-50) On Daily Frame

The crossovers between ( SMA 50/200) we talked about it before this cross happened last time in March 2018 then Btc loss about -65% of his value before Mar 2018 there`s were Bullish cross, like the current one, was on Oct 2015 from $250 to $19500 !!

Don`t fomo there are many fake Crossovers between this moving happened before!!
like these crossovers
In Jul 2014
In Jul 2015
So Crossovers can be true or false and we mentioned in In the previous series of updates especially
In the Questions&Answers part

What level does Bitcoin need to pass to say BTC is recovery!!
The answer:
Closing above $7500 Weekly

Which level Btc need to pass to start talking about new ATH?!
The answer:
Close above $10.000/$12.000 Monthly with Bullish Candle if we get that you can start thinking about the moon!! you know now why we say in the begging it`s early to speak about the moon!!...

Also, this update has our prediction for btc on the long term
if you want to take a full look on this update
check this link
So, now you know how you confirm true crossovers from the fake one!! and also knows our prediction for movement!

The expectation does not mean imposing what you want on a fait accompli
It's just a conclusion from the current movement of what will happen in the future
But does not necessarily mean the success of that conclusion
anyway..., the reality and what happens, is the movement on which we sell and buy based on it, not the expectation. so if our expectation succeeds, we trade depending on movement, if it fails, we follow and trade with movement also, so we trade and care about movement more than expectation!!

Who`s follow updates and get Btc from $5050 or $5150 we advise you to book some profit in the last update between $5320/$5350
You can book some profit again now between $5690/5750
Set sl at entry and keep last part for max profit

#BTC Current Active Signals:

$3150/3250 gained +24
Next Targets
$Hold Split it at
$4750 Achieved
$5150 Achieved
$5750 Achieved
Sl At entry

$3322 Hit targets at $3650 +10%
Next Targets
$4750 Achieved
$5150 Achieved
$5750 Achieved

$3845 Achieved
$4750 Achieved
$5150 Achieved
$5750 Achieved

$4100 Achieved
$4073 Market sell
$4750 Achieved
$5150 Achieved
$5750 Achieved
$6200 edit to Hold

All Signals Sl at entry!!

Also there some signals we posted it but it was not from our share:

-$3919 We were content with watching, although we mentioned that the risk ratio was 1.5% no more than that then BTC Hit $5490!!

-$4090 Hit Sl at $4085 drop $4051 then $5490

-we set $4950 as support levels between retracement levels and there was a bounce from it about +3.30% from it, it was a good chance with low risk but since 2 st April we don't follow chart closely *_*

-5070/$4990 was in an update on 6 April while we posting update BTC hit $5170/$5244 so we canceled limits Then BTC hit $4990/4900 and bounce to $5470 again!!

-Also, we canceled signal between $5075/5000 early and after that btc hit buy levels twice and at every time it rebounds!! and now move at $5580!!

-Also, we canceled signal between $5075/5000 early and after that btc hit buy levels twice and at every time it rebounds!! and now move at $5580!!

_$5230/$5080 we marked it as initial support for btc and we said we will keep watching them closely and wait for price action to take a long position or wait for more dips Btc Hit $5215 then Bounce to $5580!!

Good luck to all.
The Wild Crypto™,
We ask Allah reconcile and repay

Be a trader, not a gambler, and be sure you follow risk/capital management!!

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we ask Allah reconcile and repay



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