BTC $150.000. 2018 will definitely be great.

Happy New Year my followers. 2018 will definitely be great.
評論: ETH Time : January - july 2018
Upper trend line is not right. You need at least two connecting points
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Your prediction made in November, wasn't so accurate.
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bagofXMR besartbajrami
@besartbajrami, Your prediction made in.... OH FUCK. You never published an idea :joy:
Man, first learn trading basics, then come back and talk about others work. Being wrong in the market iis completely natural. If anyone would be able to be always right he would be top 1 of forbes list. Noone is always right. The best ones are mostly wrong. The key is having better winners than loosers to balance out.
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Happy new year!
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BTC $150,000 in 2018? That is a bold prediction. Everyone I talk too, getting into the space since mid December is more interested in ALTS than BTC. Seems like ever since the futures opened up, it put a CAP on the upside. Thoughts?
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