High Accuracy Intraday chart for BTCUSD

Hello, here is a quick gann angle chart for bitcoin price resistance, the lines/angles act as resistance or support depending on the direction the price is coming from. In the red area price will start to find some more serious resistance and thus it's more confident to short here.
評論: These angles are based on the current range of this smaller downtrend from 9050 to 6440. Breaking above 9050 will start retesting of larger trend into working.
評論: Breaking above 9050 will result in a retest of 9870.
評論: See the 0.618 uptrend angle, that's in general a good angle to see some down retracement.
評論: But the 0.705 angle has to be broken first and that one will be tough too.
評論: In a wedge, wave 4 should be support if breaking down.
評論: Expecting some dip now so secured some profit.
評論: 7766 support EW-wise
評論: If that fails 7570.
評論: BTC coming in target area.
評論: BTC held support on Gann angle and seems to be heading up again. 8284/8434 next horizontal fibs.
評論: We are slowly entering the potential short area 8757/9051 looks ideal.
評論: Gann Angle still holding.
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@TheTrex what exchange do you use for shorting bitcoin?
Do you see us going to 4k?
then back to 4k
@TheTrex , according to this chart, 8400 could have been a good shorting place, with the target of 8kish.

this cyan neckline is holding as support
7708 last hope according to TPO
Genuinely every time I tether it goes up (and I’m not doing it at dumb times) so I might just ride it lol
TheTrex Timothie_Roggers
@Timothie_Roggers, Too bad lol
Shwayze Timothie_Roggers
@Timothie_Roggers, I support your plan! I spent a little over a month only shorting, to see if I could do it, and to see if I could make profit. Mentally, I was weak and sometimes would not listen to my gut, but I did make profit. Thing is, I hated it, my life was miserable staring at a screen, shorting is stressful! Trade the way you want to, Hold and be happy :)
@TheTrex , Thank you for the updates. Please keep it coming.
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