How you can take the bull trap

As you can easily see in the comparisons, we are only in the bottom when the MACD reaches the bottom.

So you can also conclude that by far the downtrend is not over - no matter who says what.

Afterwards a classic mega bull trap awaits us. We can then take it for the next few weeks until we finally arrive for the second part of the correction.

These are also the reasons why I have removed myself from the market for the first. With margin trading, I can achieve much more profits for the time and I am also safe because my money is not in any exchanges which can be hacked at any time, as asia shows or because of the rumors about Tether.

I wish good luck and will keep you up to date.
You are absolutely right. History is always repeat itself. Thanks for the great analysis.
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by the way great analysis
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i dont know how to upload a screen shot, but check pattern on 30min when it started being bearinsh from 20k to 13.5k, i think its repeating that pattern and upload your opinion
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E55 girius7777

I've also noticed that before, but that are very different time differences and you can easily see this on the MACD in the weekly chart.

Just mark with a vertical line the crossings of the MACDs and you realize that we are already much further than in year 2014.

By the way, I am glad that you liked it :)
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@E55, just google wallstreet cheat sheet pattern and you will see whats happening
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