A couple of BTCUSD Trades

here you can see the triangle breakout caught. Rose up to inflection point at $8189.00
then produced nice breaish Hammer Candle and I closed out for around $650 gsain
Went shot for a quick retrace to the 61% fib level and coinsiding with moving averages. This produced another $150 gains
New order placed for just above 10SMA to catch next run up to $8220.00 level

Lets see - pls be gentle in reviewing.......
Have a great night traders - Happy Hunting.
交易結束:目標達成: So we ended up getting the break - I got back in and had the day dragging it's feet.
we Finally got ythe break at it reached tech level of 1.27 Fib level from previous highs.
Happy with this analysis and market movements all alligning for the break....

Happy Hunting
Buy order triggered at $7983 - needs to push through 10SMA for further gains.....
in the deal.
Bullish Hirami candle formed at base of Triangle - moved buy order down to $7983 to catch better entry....
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