BitCoin Bull Challenge! ANY reason to be long in the next weeks?

This is to all bitcoin bulls:

You got any NEARTERM reasons?
That are neither making a fool of people who got too excited by the bubble,
nor far conspiracies but valid for the weeks (or month or days to come)

Then please feel free to add a donation address

My chart is not necessarily a trading idea but I tried to be positive in this chart and find possible motivations to buy. Didnt find them yet.
I heart shitcoins. Make lots of money off of them.
is there any reason for such rise as well ????
mooneymoonman zeeshaan001
@zeeshaan001, small fish taking advantage of the drop, this is the power of BTC. If the same people who keep buying BTC every time it dropped 1-2% in value were to look at a chart of some shitcoin behaving in the same way they would run a mile from it. BTC has no magical properties beyond that of any other coin and mass FOMO isnt a magical spell. So many believe that BTC has the ability to take on a life of its own and has a greater potential to go against what the charts say it will do.
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