BTC: Push it to the limit

WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me to buy Bitcoin . This is not a joke. You'll learn to trade it in 4D after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.
評論: That bounce off the .236 is stellar. Aligns with 4th dimension gradient (GRAD) calculations. A cursory Shrodinger check in Hilbert Space reveals btc in a positive state, i.e., |B> = |+>; = 1.
評論: Last part was messed up bc of markup.
<-B-|-B-> = 1* (remove -‘s)
評論: Phone chart, so might be tough to make out. Sexy relationship between fib channel and price. Possible support at the .382 fib channel level. 2D charts can still be of value.


Wow, i thought i had seen it all.
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Haha. Love this
this looks too good to be true... that being said, where do i sign up?
this is rather impressive , I am going to follow because I am curious if its a nice looking chart or its viable and charming upon the eyes.
I gotta say this 3-D effect is quite satisfying
Teklologist The_Blockchains_Own_Boy
@The_Blockchains_Own_Boy, thanks. This is what future trading looks like. Bitcoin eventually becomes the first security or equity to be traded in four dimensions. An evolution that will capture the true wave-like nature of price deviation over time. Today’s trading still lacks the third spatial dimension.
I can't go back in time but I was already there.

Been there, done that if you will.

The highest rertn on investment I've ever made. Even better than shorting Countrywide or Lehman Brothers during the financial crisis. Before I shorted Lehman I bought their FDIC insured CDs paying over 5% so I got paid twice and still Bitcoin has been better. lol
Teklologist BitcoinBearSlayer
@BitcoinBearSlayer, funny you mention Lehman Brothers. During an investigation into the 2062 time bubble, the Bohr counsel discovers a group of time traders from Quark-Gluon Bank actually caused the 2008 recession.
@Teklologist, yeah, but they could never pin in on us. Most of us moved on to manipulate the crypto currency space unawares. The next wild financial frontier......
Lol, I almost bought in 2010. I want to go back too.
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