BTC/USD Good things come in threes.

Hi guys

I've been watching BTC for a while now and I've seen some big Head and Shoulders and a lot of small ones too. If I may be so bold, I think this bearflag will add another Head and Shoulders pattern before BTC corrects once more. I try not to be biased but all good things come in threes. 3 waves up and then down again in other words. This is how I will play out my investment. Thoughts?

TA über alles

if BTC continues like this we will never go forword to 20k..
DeepseaDom ghose12
@ghose12, If you look at the statistics BTC corrections are always huge before it shoots to its next all time high. BTC grew so fast in 2018 it was bound for a correction. This is healthy and much needed. The big fish took profit and room is made for the new generation with new hopes and dreams and MONEY :)
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