BTC's Harmonic Astro-Cosmological Gann Fan Journey

Ok... there is abviously a lot going on in this chart. Apologies ahead of time.

We've completed the bearish bat and also the micro bearish bat ... but no correction. Obviously we have experienced a trend reversal with BTC . I'm sure we will have another correction but I think sub 5k will be a reality. I could be wrong and I'm ok with that.

Anyhow, possible Butterfly harmonic on the bigger picture. beyond the hump, I'm curious to see what happens in the pink, moments of truth, boxes. At 5/3 Mercury leaves the retrograde zone which Idk but I'm going to say will be a bullish sign. The Supply zones lines/boxes represent different targets.

I know this sounds a bit out there but we could very well see 10.6k. Dare I say 10.6++ for the fomo mania to set in.

While I'm not sure how strong a planet entering the retrograde zone is, I'm going to say we will be correcting w mars entered rx zone 5/12.

We shall see how this all plays out. I had a lot of fun watching btc fill the lil wedge/apex at 4/20. Still learning, not financial advice, DYOR, I'm amateur, pleb TA enthusiast.
評論: revisiting this idea and seeing that I think sub 5k will be a reality.
lool, I DO NOT think sub 5k will be a reality.
more like mid 8000's.
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