BTCUSD Retrograde Events Gann Fann 4/20 LETS GOOOO!

Where do we begin. Gann fan convergence 4-20!!!!! (like 4-19 to 4-20) Meaning?? uhh someone please enlighten me bc I'd love to know from someone more experienced. I know it means a significant move or reversal pattern.

As far as the planets are concerned, Mercury goes Direct 4/15 while several other planets go Retrograde ( Rx ).
Pluto goes Rx --------- 4/22
Saturn Rx -------------- 4/17
Uranus enters Rx zone - 4/20
Pluto Rx ------------------- 4/22

Also, Uranus enters Taurus. for a period of 8 years. Last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1934 and the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 drama was going on; financial changes. Taurus relates to money/finance and material things. Uranus is the revolutionary. So we could say we are just in time for a financial revolution, redefining money.

All the woo woo aside, confluence of Gann fans + 4 planetary events at the same time. Some major moves are going to happen in the upcoming days. Planets changing direction == reversal pattern (possiblty). let's see what happens.
Apr 20
評論: BITCOIN, LET'S GOOOOOOOOO!!! lol, let's see what happens
Apr 20
評論: Let's GOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Apr 25
評論: What a pleasant surprise to see 4/20's gann fan wedge be filled at that date. wow

Made a newer chart w butterfly harmonic. ...It might be more of a shark though.
Apr 29
交易結束:目標達成: well, I never anticipated a Gann fan hole in one on 4/20. holy cow!!!! GANN FANS OP!!!!!
Apr 29
評論: latest forcast
Looks like you're going to get that 8900 wick... you dog.
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