H&S anticipated

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Of course this entry might be to early, but SL should be activated after 1h candle close above SL mark
invalidation will be now if 1h candle will close significantly above purple line
評論: 1h candle with higher volume gave stron sell signal here, but risk reward ratio for short now is around 2.5

評論: https://twitter.com/landm_marius?la%20ng...

accordingly to all what this good guy predict i will hold this short until the 1st march, or until the red downtrend line will be broken:

評論: Sigh i could close and wait for reversal signs, but dont like to play on 15min chart:

after earnings in January on XEM i am so lazy;)
評論: Okay so i am out of position and will go now to observe mode.

評論: Maybe short is tempting to hold before deeper pullback but on leverage i dont think so. And without leverage i will wait for better opportunity.
評論: Sadly i have no patience for intraday price moves, as i prefer longterm pictures to play (so called hodling, especially on my beloved XEM). But i hope that some of You have "hard balls" and will keep this short until the bigger drop (maybe even to 7700$ who knows).
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