Bitcoin. Missed your short entry? Here's one :)

Rip Hodlers.
No point making a huge wall of text it's pretty simple. I got updates and twitter if I have something to say.
My target will be slightly above 5000 that's when I'll close my short and publish a long idea, unless we reverse before bla bla bla .

"We can reverse and go to 12000$" Yeeee good luck with that one.

Enter when we go test the MA20 resistance, if that's near a confluence point (a resistance line where we consolidated alot in the past), better. 7200 or 7500 would be mamamya.

For my part I got an order on 7500 "never know" and FOMO shorted at 6900 a few days ago :)
Not expecting to make fantastic gains on that short, we never got a perfect entry.

When the panic hits and we crash down going long will be fantastic thought :)

+++ I have no idea what I'll doing. +++
評論: This is more for the long idea but let's be 20 steps ahead while some are struggling with the present.
We stopped crashing on weekly supports a few times but not last time.

I would like to zoom in and point out this:

The weekly support was violated when we dumped to 6000$, but not without bouncing nearly 20% in 24 hours first.
So while it's not 100% sure we won't go straight past 4500-5000 it's very likely we bounce before going to next weekly support.

And when we went to 6k, we first bounced 5% then went down again, probably some people got scared and shaken off as they thought 6k wouldn't hold.
Don't be scared, you have to take risks to make money.
Simply don't risk more than you're willing to lose and trade like a legend!
評論: Last thing, if the bounce got stopped this harshly last time, it's probabky because we were so close to a big big resistance.

This time there's 25% space between them so....
Either that will be the bottom, or we'll get some breathing air and time to consider if we should close long while in the green or not...

Can also simply buy at supports sell at resistances...without trying to see if we break 1 resistance and go to the next one. Simply, if resistance gets broken, it will next be tested as support and u can enter there.
Would work too, very simple, but when you got big watermelons in your pants, you go manmode.

Or maybe i'll do that lol, maybe I can take hooge profit and enter a BIGGER position on my way to infinity!
評論: 6666$ as I type! Clear sign.

Illuminati Bitcoin is too heavy you might not get your short entry!
If we go doooown this week into a big bear triangular flag (I'll call it as I godamm want I got 100% hit rate) and then that flag crashes into capitulation that would be THE DREAM. Because we can go to accumulation zone a while and then next rally.
Just a dream thought...
評論: Lol I'm seing 6666$ on the chart I posted, I didn't do it on purpose I swear.
Clear iluminati sign?
評論: I'm a novice if I don't call it first right?
Well it might not happen, but anyway, I call it before we even get close before it even started to form, good luck guru strugglers "who called it better"

評論: Oh oh this doesn't look too good :)
Bitcoin on the edge of a cliff and we got bad news, I wonder what would happen if we got some other bad news? :)
Newsmakers, to your keyboards!
評論: Wait is it actually following my triangle? I just drew that randomly XD

MA20 is so far away it seems like BTC has to climb a mountain...

評論: And here's the neeeews XD
I'm loving this! This is too funny!
MtGox is always there in the news when BTC crash.
What was it last time? Some news about MtGox selling some BTC? Crashed BTC 2k?
評論: It's all over...
6000 this week 4600 next week

評論: Mathematically we can dead cat bounce forever.
Bitcoin can be divided infinitely after all.
It was so perfect at first, perfect shape, why they did they have to be another one?
Good thing I fomo'd at 6900 a few days ago :)
Guess next entry would be on a break of 6000 but it'll probbaly bounce a bit won't go down in a straight line.
評論: Here is the pump. Someone wants to sell...

"These wall street fucks think they can mess with us real hodlers they can't.
Why sell if you're never going back to fiat? AHAHAHA Their logic ain't working against HODLERS."

Hearing in crypto the exact same stuff as in stock market and it's wonderful, can't stop laughing.

Oh I have no doubt the hodlers are stupid enough to "HODL" for ever.
But how is the price going to go up if no one actually buys?
Throught love magic the power and friendship and because they have faith in Bitcoin?

Watch them tell how right they were thought, when we bounce off the bottom, if we even do, or next time they get lucky.
評論: Short entry might bet served on a silver plate...
Probably not thought, Bitcoin so heavy, the "strong hands" got baited so many times they're exhausted...

評論: There's one more thing.

Actually I think it could go above 6760 real quick as a nice bait to trigger stop losses and all that good stuff, then weeeeeeeeeeeeee down we go fast, very fast.

Soon either go bull trap OR really go down.
We waited a while and I'm relieved it's looking as if it won't take as long as in june.
評論: Closing short at 6000, sending XBT to Bitmex pre-entevely (how do you write that? :D) longing till 7600, Opening new short 7600-8000.
Goooo I'm counting on you!
Don't hard bounce on 6101 c'mon.

評論: Now where did I see this before???

評論: Literally no idea whether we bounce on 6000 or not, might as well toss a coin.
Personal opinion we don't, the bulls are so pathetic, but maybe they are because they are all convinced we make a double bottom and "go to the moon".
What would I think if I was a delusional idiot? Going to knock my head on a wall 2 dozen times brb.

Will just have to use a "trailing stop loss" (me closing manually). I'll also go long on 6000 because I need some XBT on Bitmex, so I guess I'll have a hedge lol.

After we go below 6000 thought, it will be very easy to predict what happens next :)
Thanks to the EW theories that are always right "3 can't be shortest", looking at trendlines consolidation zones and all that stuff. Perrrrfect.

評論: Day closed on weekly 50MA. Because someone wanted that to happen.
So can we actually go somewhere now?

In a useless inside bar for a while...
評論: Guess it's going to short area... Pathetic.
Who's this new guy that joined? George Soros? he got anything to do with this.
Really pathetic. Let's go then...

評論: At a resistance now, then there's 7800 and MA20 and next pink line 8000.
7000 also.
評論: Heeeeey might go to that MA20 and give bears a good entry.
Comparing it to what happened 1 month ago:

I guess the peasants are bullish, are calling "textbook" double bottom (double bottom with what?), ye that pump could go somewhere. I have an order on ? 7500? or higher than this? Well we'll see.
It has been a month and if politicians and news taught me anything, it's that 1 month is enough for the herd to forget a story/adventure.

Maybe we get another rollback on trades like last time price got manipualted? XD
評論: Only if Bitcoin manages to go above the yellow line, will you get your short entry, breaking that would produce a spike up, again.
And if we go below again this time it will be way more violent than a few days ago.

評論: I posted this 13 hours ago "I guess the peasants are bullish, are calling "textbook" double bottom (double bottom with what?), ye that pump could go somewhere. I have an order on ? 7500? or higher than this? Well we'll see.
It has been a month and if politicians and news taught me anything, it's that 1 month is enough for the herd to forget a story/adventure.

Maybe we get another rollback on trades like last time price got manipualted? XD"

And this guy, that quit trading view "for months or years" after falling for the bull trap the 11 march, is back 4 weeks later. Like clockwork:

So yes, I maintain a pump is possible and they would fall for it again :)

Looking at the chat and the future foreseing about TRON, also shows the bulls are still:
- Delusional
- Easilly baited
- We haven't capitulated yet

This also helps convince me they won't capitulate yet and I can go long 4000-5000 with confidence.
評論: To the moon \(°0°)/
I would be patient and wait for at least 7300 before opening a significant position.
MA20 is at 7700 right now, will be 7600 tomorrow, etc.

評論: Been 1 month and people have forgotten.
Let's compare both events. It's not 100% it goes to the shorting zone, better miss out then, less is more. But everyone is free to do what he wants, and myself I did short at 6900 because I didn't want to miss it :p
Just couldn't go in very big...

評論: Well...that happened...
Crazy. So Bitcoin doesn't veen have it in itself to go past that line? RIP

This is complete speculation, but maybe we go like this:

When get to 5800 I'll post my private idea, I want to day trade it.
Not sure if I'll day trade Bitcoin ETH or LTC yet thought.

I realized rather than have tons of files on my PC everywhere, or spam my TV ideas + have tons of stuff spread on jpegs and txt files on my computer, might as well put all thisin private ideas, way more clean and simplier to follow like this.
I wonder how much GB's Trading View has? I'm going to fill the servers XD

PS: 7500 still possible. But BTC looks so weak.
評論: Still no big selling volume, still possible to go up further, later on.
If we go below 6800 it might be all over.
Daily candle closes in 30 min.

Man BTC went to the moon and is going to land, but the pilot is from ISIS and landing lessons were not included.
評論: Sorry but I think it's all over.
Hope I can close my short soon going to day trade every second of this to the end, won't wait for the bottom will close 6000 go long 5800 then re short til 5k then go long then reshort then go long again... <3

Gots bearish divergence too on 15 min even 1HR. Good night bulls.

At the top of big big falling wedge now.
I guess that would be a good short entry...Don't think we'll get better than this...

We'll break bullish of that falling wedge once we reach 4500 ye...
Then big gainzzz
Unless we actually fall under XD
評論: Not impossible we go to 9000.

Going long now is still bad.
I'm going to go watch twitter chats etc taste some delusional bull hope <3

1 month. Serious. Maybe we get the same every month lol.
Shorting on major resistance is fine. We're not at any yet.
評論: People are FOMOing and asking authors if they should buy (fk off with these questions wtf XD)

評論: "Should I buy now don't want to miss out this might go to 9000 wuhu money!"
You mean in mid air right below a resistance and with support miles away? Go straight ahead.

I got a better idea thought:
評論: There's weekly MA50 actually, but it got visited and even broke, I don't think it'll hold if we visit it again.
評論: Either going down for good now, or pullback reload go up again to MA20 kill me I can't take the wait anymore.

交易進行: Perfect. The casino people are finally starting to push the price up.
MA20 lads.
If it goes past ~7500 the next great shorting area would be 8500.
It could also violently go down from 7300, or 7700 or 7800 or 8000 etc XD
Pretty anoying. Scaling in is the way to go I believe if you know how to do it correctly.
評論: You know something's wrong when you get big gaps in BTC price.
Waiting for a short entry higher sure, but going long now is as suicidal as it gets.

At some point the bearish divergence was too much.
評論: Another day, another booooore.
An update to keep everyone entertained.

We cannot just sit there without moving forever, if the traders don't do something, then the MA20 will come to them and force them to do something!

Looks like it's actually going to look EXACTLY like in january and that's what this idea is all about. Pretty boring, but well, that way it's easier to make money right?
0 suspense 0 surprise. Can't really complain.
評論: Can't go this far with 1HR...
Looking at 4HR then. How high it went during 2014 bull trap! Wow.

The turning point of last bubble bear market was this:

We went up the same BUT we fell sooo hard before thought.

I don't think we are there, we haven't had months of accumulation and we did not have capitulation, but EVEN if we were... goes down anyway.

Wall street market cycle hasn't been taught to pro's for ages for no reason.
It's always the same.

Everything is possible bla bla bla, but if we simply go up and up and up, it will be the FIRST TIME in all of history, since life is on earth. In a market full of peasants.
Yeaaah good luck with these odds, some people win the lotery too.
評論: During the uptrend, we exploded when BTC went past 5000$
This is what happened:

Good enough for me. I feel this is something like the "worse case scenario" and shouldn't happen, but even if it does it's all good.
評論: Aaaaand another post that shows we should go down.
Even when the bubble really started and the bulls were at their strongest and the FOMO unreal, we went down hard on every violent spike.
They are their worse enemies! They want money so they sell when we go up, and if they don't, someone else will.

評論: Looking at the past pumps and dumps, we've been stopping short of resistances recently... and not just on pump and dumps, and zooming in there's more too.
The chart is pretty dirty, but there's so much stuff on it...
We could have hit the top already... Not sure we go higher, but we could also go higher before retracing alot or crashing.
I don't see how traders can go in at once in these scenarios... have to scale in...
評論: At 8500 now, has been going up since 6700 & the most it retraced was 7%
Shorted more at 8500 and got another order 8900 but do'nt really expect it to go there.
Looking for a sweet 15% down.
1- Innovation happens first
2- The scammers come in
3- Regulators start looking
wrong again LOOL u got REKT so many times
MrRenev dayknight
Apr 6
Comment: Closing short at 6000, sending XBT to Bitmex pre-entevely (how do you write that? :D) longing till 7600, Opening new short 7600-8000.
Goooo I'm counting on you!
Don't hard bounce on 6101 c'mon.

Mad cuz bad? How can I get rekt when I keep buying at the bottom and selling at the top? XD

Someone is pissed he lost his money in a ponzi :)
2017-10-12 86.6
+1 回覆
MrRenev GuillaumePassaglia
@GuillaumePassaglia, Nice. Let me know if you see smthing above 90. I gave up going back far away.. Maybe I should try the replay thing TV has released not long ago.
Ye maybe it can be used and paused so I see what I want.
@MrRenev, only once I think in 2017 : 2017-6-6 91.4
+1 回覆
Waves in your last update are part of the pattern that is repeated more than twice
+2 回覆
Check the RSI on Daily and increased why price dropped. perhaps we will see another bull bounce...or just break lower
Of course btc is not future but crypto is.BTC is just an overhyped demo for future crypto.
seriously..i mean ppl still believe in crypto's future, it cant just die out right
MrRenev PhillipLiang
@PhillipLiang, It can flat out die, it's speculative monopoly money right now. I believe in its future myself, because why not, it's convenient, it's internet money we could sure use it.
But I got a 150 GB BTC wallet on my PC and the thing is barely used! And BTC alone sucks more energy than all of Denmark for real?
The mania went so far its unbelievable...

I just don't believe in a it will change the world we will all have flying cars and BTC will reach a million dollar and we'll all be billionaires future... So braindead...
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