BEAR TRAP, BULL TRAP and FINAL CRASH - Psychology of the market

Dear listeners,

The market is pure psychology for people, who don't know how to trade and this is why, It has nothing to do with manipulations or something. It is the greed of humanity, which invites you for bad decisions. This is just a normal correction. Not more.
評論: There is the potential that this move completes the running flat. So don't worry about it, when we get to $8000 area. Pure psychology.

評論: This will go up every moment so be aware and don't panic.
評論: This should be the final support. This will go up now to around $7500 until we see $6500. This is why I don't like trading correction.
評論: This will go up to at least 7500 I am very sure.
評論: Yeah 7200 and 7500 didn't held. Very likely that our correction is nearly over. I see one more drop to below 6000 before we see any upmove. But after that buy much as you can.
評論: Bitcoin looking very good.People are waiting for the double bottom, which is the reason that we won't see it. I am expecting a good run from here. By the way I just want to inform you guys that I stop with Tradingview for a while. I will come back later with a new Account. After that I will take the first places as best author.
評論: Have a great time.
Nice job, thanks for sharing.

you are the best author.
Update? This was a great call.
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you are the one,,, thanks,,
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Thnx dude!! Winter is almost over.....time to collect new Food for the Next hibernation.......
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You're a weird guy
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Do you have other channels where we can follow you? Thanks for all the previous charts! And sorry for my english
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I will miss u dude. Don't be late
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Thank you for your charts,for your help Sir!!! Back to us but use login we can recognize that you is you;)
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