Mr Whaley SH Update: Going very well!

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BTC is mirroring the trend pretty nicely with each spike being within a 6 hour range.

- Shame I cancelled my stops to cash in at $8,450 to place some defensive stops if it dropped (novice). I'm not going to try risk trading the next day as if this trend holds then we should expect that the Bulls have all the weight they need and there will be limited consolidation with an aggressive push up tomorrow morning (CET).
- Remember this is a trend and has been adjusted to meet BTC price points - the direction and timings are accurate but the original trend is from a FOREX market - thus it is only an suggestion of trend and has been adjusted to meet BTCs unique price action. I've posted this on Twitter - @hardforky.

Note that I've now jinxed this by now placing this as 'Long' rather than 'Neutral' but expect a drop after $9k -$10k (so Mr Whaley can sell off).

--- Still listening to folks highlighting the 2014 crash similarities? That is a trap and way too obvious and you should not take advice on this - some pro commentators are talking about this but as with all their advice, you should just take these snippits as consideration (as intentded by the author), not a given.
--- Still listenting to RSI and MACD? If the market is switching mythinking is that these will naturally be inaccurate as they consider redundant data that will skew outcomes. Fine in bearish and bullish trends but not at major swing points.

Now the trend has been 'accurate' for 4 weeks I'll draw out the longer development when I get a moment. Mr Whaley, I've got your number!! (for now lol)

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