383 9 10
Here is a view as an alternative to my first chart ...
If we do not see a closing price of $ 9771 on a daily basis, then 0.62% fib would be conceivable, which at the same time would correspond, roughly, to the distance of the black A.

I can well imagine that there may be a monthly low in March before it comes to further course recovery.
評論: the wave 2 = 3691 or 1146

評論: EW - possible count to

評論: bullish butterfly

評論: now wants everyone to see BTC even deeper ... not me ... at least not yet ...

first I have to see where today's and tomorrow's candle closes .... if deeper, then as in the first chart - see chart Feb 10 & Feb 17
評論: if you want to know if BTC will continue to fall or even rise, then watch the green line @ $ 10433, because if it close today??? and more crucial tomorrow above it , then this would be interpreted as a bullish tendency ... at least until some higher TP can be achieved... if not, then down with 8575 + 8125

評論: support - green zone in main chart above - has held until now ...

as i wrote yesterday, if we see today's closing price over the green line, then the situation for the bulls is increasing

the count on the chart above Feb 22 - under update - could be reality

previously butterfly - now gartley
1.62% fib should be sufficient

is still over my line

Hi, I am following you and find your ideas very good and realistic. Just wanted to say thank you for your work! Keep it up mein Freund! :)
NeverNO adama0110

my pleasure... but i'm not FREUND... i'm female ;-)
adama0110 NeverNO
@NeverNO, haha :) my fault
Tom Hall meint 1000 Dollar bitcoin, was sagst du dazu? seltsam oder
NeverNO evangel94

antwort ist oben.

übrigens: hast du mir je ein like gegeben?

menschen schauen rein aber kein herz für ein like... nicht, dass es mir wichtig wäre nur etwas dankbarkeit für die investierte zeit wäre schon viel menschlicher... ;-)
+2 回覆
evangel94 NeverNO
@NeverNO, hab dir schon mehrere likes gegeben ;)
evangel94 NeverNO
@NeverNO, ich finde deine charts sehr gut
NeverNO evangel94
jedes mal, wenn er short "gesehen"hat, war ich long :-) :-)

jetzt auch... aber, wenn die C d.h. die 2 erreicht wird, dann wird die ganze welt long sein... das will ich nicht missen...
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