BTC very long price forecast

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RSI worked good at defining bottoms, Stoch even better. Volume is still expanding. On 4h chart, price failed to close under BB so I expect it mooning soon. Target by 2018-02-12 - 100k (the end of parabolic trendlines ).

Fundamental reasons: everybody is bearish and in my memory, majority sucks.
whales need to wear off alt euphoria. When even 16 years old make 100% of return in 7 days - wtf?

Invalidated ?
TonyCryptano MiloszKaszynski
@MiloszKaszynski, big buying volume on buttons. RSI shows bullish divergence on a 1D chart. Even if it falls under 12000, that still remains bullish to me. Too much negativity on BTC, that's a bullish sign.
Like the fitting of the weekly price over last year or two to curves. I've been thinking that these exponential curves start and begin with the halvings.
Have just posted "Is this the big picture: btc follows curves setup by halvings." to show this over the full price history.
@Paul77, curves should begin from the beginning of the trend.
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