I have postponed this idea so far because by looking at the #cryptocurrency chat people were really worried and threatening whoever talk about lower levels or a bear market, so I decided to not make updates with BTC going lower so far. There was even people trying to help providing the Suicide Hotline, https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/...
Not everyone is well prepared and the intention is to help.

I think hard times are not yet over, the market should go a bit sideways consolidating its positions, although volumes got higher I think it will continue below average for a while.

This is how I see the market for the comming days, the 8K might not even come, but be prepared for the worst case.
Good trades !
評論: BTC is looking his way to past a very strong resistence and will probably going to find strengh into a pivot before resuming uptrend. I expected it to go a bit more sideways from now on:

評論: It just did the pivot and got past the resistence, it is looking stronger than anticipated and I would feel more relaxed if it just slow down a bit a go for a second pivot but don't count on it:

評論: BTC made a second pivot and is heading on the same resistence. It is a very strong resistence and BTC may start sucking from alts to get past this. I was expecting a very sideways market to get past here, but it is looking way more stronger:

評論: The market follows gathering strength to climb back to the target, there is a near mirror of downtrend, now uptrend, as expected it is weak and going sideways:

評論: Market from Polo and Finex have a very good deviation on 3H, with polo facing the 3H MA for first time while not on Finex, so I think until the market is more in sync it will continue sideways, but... you never know for sure ! Expecting a bit more time for the climb to start.

評論: Taking polo as the correct one, with BTC running under the MA there is a good hint that this continuity will lead to a new low, overall it's running with very low volumes and will lead to a triangle formation:

評論: Polo crossed the MA on 3H and BTC looks set for a run:

評論: We are very strong for now, even looking like we shall go straight to 24k ! I revised the timings and should go almost sideways for this weekend:

why is your MA for polo based on candle openings vs the close on bitfinex? are you looking at the deviation between the two at all?
@bimo, yes, this is the idea !
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