Bitcoin huge crash - 2000-4000$ coming

Just buy at a breakout of 12500$ otherwise I wouldnt do anything.

Bitcoin is currently very overbought at every chart. As you can see we just formed a flag and are currently waiting for the e-wave. 4000$ are very possible. This can also happen very fast like after reaching the ATH .
At this time we had 5 days until reaching $11000 from $20000.
評論: More likely scenario:

評論: Did anyone see the last candlestick on the daily chart? It's a reversal candlestick at
$12000 a heavy resistance zone (shooting star).

Indicators are also showing bearish signals.

We need to break $10800-10400 to continue the waterfall.
評論: We just broke 10800 support. Another Waterfall coming.
評論: Next support $10000-9800
Any update?
(counting from your last D we now saw a new A,B and C)
The now coming D could be going quite high... (though > 20k without a stop seems a little high... - let's see)
Is it going to complete today H&S?
I am still waiting! =)
Seems some has missed buying at level 2000-4000 last year... Anyway, if happened, i am ready to buy again
That's how I'm seeing it as well. Before this correction started, I thought the most likely spot would have been 13k as it would have been 50% retrace from the swing low. But, it started soon, which means the pattern works on both log and linear charts:

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Finally a worthy idea based on technical analysis. The first graph says it all. As the days pass by the breakout above comes closer at steadily lower levels.
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wow amazing work.
come and check my ideas ;)
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time to all in SHORT! lol
short? lol

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