BTC alert BUY !

Bitcoin is still in the horizontal corridor, you can see the tapering triangle. According to the classic of technical analysis , the way out of the triangle is in the last quarter.
On April 9, an attempt was made to break down, but the bulls held the level.
Another sign of an early exit from the flat is a decrease in the volumes traded - an ever smaller range, the spring contracts more and more.
Analysis of open interest on a long period shows the easing of bear pressure. For a short period - bullish divergence . As an option - the signal to enter a long position is part of the deposit.
The possible option is the arrow on the graph. The traffic potential is at least 10-15%
All the best!
indicator OI here
交易結束:目標達成: Take profit is achieved, we can close the position and monitor the market in new publications from FVB TEAM
Spot on!!
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