Bitcoin #BTCUSD - first target hit, still more to room to rally

The price reached $ 8,438 or 38% Fibo. Possible slight corrective drops. Support at $ 7,506 must withstand the pressure of supply so that the gains are still in play.
評論: This is developing by the book: one more small sub-wave to the downside needed.
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My Personal Journey with BTC
I'm still trying to figure out what happened in the market these days.
Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe I'm right, in any case, there are a lot of things to learn.
I'll find patterns, tricks and ideas and learn about all of them and I'll post a lot of updates here. Be with me and let's figure it out together.


whats your opinin on this Sebastian ? ( The bigger triangle) ?
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Looks pretty true... BTC needs a minor healthy correction, and slowly, little by little, consolidate it's price higher and higher back to where it was before the major Jan 2018 correction we had ($13,000)

By May 2018 its highly likely BTC will be back to at least $9,500, and after that, on another bull run to new all-time highs.
8000 is holding
rev214us rigosbox
@rigosbox, Not anymore. It's normal for people to take profits at such levels. Shorts are currently capitalizing on the opportunity to use leverage. I don't think price will go below 6k.
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No, I don't think so.This is going to follow the down channel to 5K.
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Spodziewamy si cofki na 7600?
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sebastian.seliga.7 MiloszKaszynski
@MiloszKaszynski, Tak, korekcyjnej oczywiście. :)
why are you doing black magic with the wave of elliota?
@Lukasbonzzi, No black magic here: updated and revised scenario:
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