BitCoin "Bump N Run Coming

Hodl long.
Expert traders can find the meet on this move without trouble, but newer traders will not be left with any food at that table.
This is the place to take a little profit on the way up, and lower your position on the way down... But do it with great dexterity because BTC             doesn't stay motionless and she is capable of moving with Great force.
Watch for the Bump N Run.

Watch for Bitcoin             to get some pull back around the top of the $10s, but Lite coin will be making large gains in the beginning of next week with the roll out of LitePay, and its gravitational pull on BitCoin             will be felt.... There is a chance that litecoins movement next week could siphon some of the volume in Bitcoin             and be detrimental to the price, but this is not likely. Litecoin will lead the bull run next week and pull BTC             & ETH with it.
BTC is ready to Make a quick run down to under $7, and just as quick reversal