Bitcoin / US Dollar (Long Term Monitoring) [FEB MAR APR]

Neutral Scheme
> Trend lines
> Regression intersections
> Significant periods
> Fractal wave configuration
> Modified FIB

Potential Levels of the market in respect to infinite possibilities of events as a factor or price determinant of the bitcoin market.
Structure where most of the moves are considered.
Hi again :D

Any updates here? It seems that we are going to need a chart downwards....
investa ferhil
Just gained a follower :)
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investa RhondaWelsh
@RhondaWelsh, What exactly are those orange horizontal lines? They have the right config for measuring waves. Looks like some kind of fib presence in there.
@investa, hehe. I think you need to take a break :) It's a fibonacci retracement without showing the labels of levels and price. Also there is no line of .5 level.
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investa RhondaWelsh
@RhondaWelsh, it looks kinda odd without 50% retracement level.
Hi thanks for chart. im new to this. can you explain chart for me and how to read future trend and patterns on lines it should follow?
investa r2za88
@r2za88, look at some earlier bitcoin charts because this one is for longer term monitoring. What you see here is all possible outcomes as a result positive or negative fundamentals which will reflect on the graph. This is more for my own research purposes actually.
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