Heaven or Hell? The chance of BTC.

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Its the prophecy. Its the future map. Its the traders destiny.
The whales might not be the winners, but you are not allowed to be a lose.(Only if u want to.... lol)
Its the chance to take the right side with your own consideration.
Let's get to the chart for a possible scenario.
After btc got rejected at 8400 then took a pullback. It started to drop endlessly.....
Thats what I want to see for the confirmation of reversal pattern.
When it dropped to 76xx-74xx, it could be a bullish sign and pump further again(To challenge the same huge resistance again)

But what if the bears take a further breakout. We are likely to meet 6k again....
And it will bring us back to the downtrend channel again.

At least one thing is confirmed:
The bull flag failed.
Rsi divergence shows a bearish sign and the death cross in MACD .
評論: F**k that lol
Always some wrong words in my article.
idk its my own problem or some mistakes in the system.
A short term prediction is here:
1 hr RSI shows a short term bearish sign. It could be a little pump.
4 hr RSI allows the bulls to move in this little range
( The resistance of the divergence line is getting closer)
But the previous support line was broke out and became a huge resistance line.
So btc will probably pull back at 84xx again.
I hope its the time!
If it really is h&s pattern
something big is gonna happen lol...
Yo..Yo.. Yo! Whats up!
We defeated the bulls last night ...
But we are not even
Patience is virtue.
1hr chart shows a little bullish sign which means we hav a better chance to sell btc at better price.
The bulls is also forming a upward price channel. Lets see!
wow That pump was totally underestimated almost $300 in minutes.
BTW, the uptrend channel is broken I will update new prediction ASAP
Something big is coming!
The bulls are managing to breakout again.
If the price couldn't drop more (to break the RSI uptrend line), btc is likely to reach 83xx-84xx again.
These signs are the most important.
評論: 30 minutes left to defeat the bulls.
That was so exciting and awesome. lol
MACD already turns to the death cross.
But Rsi shows a bullish sign.
I would suggest u to take the profit now.
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