Stoch RSI is maxed out with cross-over, very high likelihood of pullback, unless fomo (or something else) push this up.

In addition bearish cross of 100 and 200 MA.

If it breaks up, watch the 50 MA (look at 12 March) and then the 200 MA.

If it retraces here, then potential support at 7500, 20 MA (approx 7200) or back to 6700.

These movements can play out over days.
評論: BTC hasn't been higher than 60 on the regular RSI since early Jan, when most people didn't realise what had just happened. Let's see...

評論: Bitcoin is moving right now, think they'll try for breakout. This is a look at the RSI confirmation for the 2014 bear market, just for info.
評論: the above chart is weekly
評論: Just to prove I'm still a massive BEAR, there's a nice bearish divergence on the 4hr chart as we head to the downtrend...

評論: BTC bullish pennant. Entry point idea (just an idea)
good comparison. I have a simpler comparison of the two period.
@hkh222, Hi hkh222 ;) please post it here. Thank you!
cI8DH BarclayJames
+1 回覆
@hkh222, Yes, I was expecting straght to 5 based on previous moves, but it's naive to think it will be exactly the same as before. I should have expected a change. Everything ws following my idea until the massive pump (that should have been the start of a big dump...).

4 will take us to 200 ma and if we break out see Sept 2017 correction for what we just did since Jan - it would be very similar then.

Bull trap at 4 also possible and then the correction continues :)
thanks for the update.
yes I agree both weekly RSI's supports a breakout
@elshanti, It's what I'm seeing too. It's still possible we might stay at this level for a day or two, but I no longer think a retrace is very likely.
BarclayJames BarclayJames
@BarclayJames, Unless we simply go down, but then we need to find a new bottom.
bro you should be right
so i can accumulate some more cheap btc
@leorio, Have fun!
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