The Clif High Scenario as an Elliott Wave Count

With a healthy amount of skepticism, I thought I'd plot this just for fun. Can't hurt to dream :)
I find it interesting that what he describes is more or less an Elliott Wave cycle and the numbers seem to have a fairly spot on fibonacci relationship as well.

"We are not quite sure as to why bitcoin loves them 'eights', but without regard to our lack of
understanding, the next 'eight' is showing up very strongly in the data as '38,008'. This number is
strongly repeated in the new data processing. It first appears in very late April, and then grows as
modelspace is moved into May. The growth rate is very rapid from the end of the first week in May
continuing through at this pace until late in July. That the data sets have the 'Summer (northern
hemisphere)' being a period of 'trying/testing (of) mental (hardiness/toughness)' is not contradictory as
the data is forecasting the 38008 in the same manner as the previous occurrence of 13880s. Thus we
may be seeing the 'inflection point' around which Bitcoin will build 'resistance and floors', and 'new all
time highs'. These sets are not impacting previous forecasts of Bitcoin prices scaling towards 100,000
around the end of the year...
The 'eights' sets, have at the core at this time, the established '13888' that appears first as modelspace is
moved into about February 11, 2018. This set continues through to nearly the end of March at which
point no new growth for '13888' appears. As modelspace is moved through March 18, 2018, new
supporting sets appear for the 'disruption (break-through)' of '13888' with the first appearance of
'28000'. This set is small relative to the totality of the 13888 set, and is also brief, being replaced by
'38008' as modelspace is moved through into late April. This replacement number then takes over the
primary growth position within the Bitcoin sets, and maintains that position thereafter. Additional new
growth around the '38008' number continues at a very rapid, and robust pace as modelspace moves
through all of May."

For more go to
Hehe, I certainly like the idea and detail. 1-wave below 20K - agree.
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